The Best of the Year: Is This Is Really It?

It’s time to take a look back and see how far we’ve come this year. What have we worn? What have we learned?

In my opinion — and you are free to disagree! — these are the best business casual posts of the year:

old jacket
I Might As Well Jump

These are the best casual posts:
tartan jacket
Clash of the Tartans
mar dsquared jacket
The Directrice Wears Skinny Pants Because You Told Her To

strapless utility dress july
I Love This,
Even If No One Else Does
old red jacket july
Tried and True

I firmly believe that it is better to be smart than pretty and so I submit that these are the best posts of the year because they are the funniest:

Looking ahead, I expect to spend a lot of time with my current obsession in 2018:

And finalmente, my legacy. The most useful posts of the year are The Key Set, Parts I-IV.
Part I
Part I, The Worky Outfits
Part II, The Dresses
Part II, The Dresses
Do you see the resemblance? When she puts on that faux collar, we could pass for twins
Part III, The Casual Outfits
Part IV
Part IV, The Accessories

7 thoughts on “The Best of the Year: Is This Is Really It?”

  1. An incredible body of work, Directrice, for which we are all grateful – and better dressed!

    P.S. Iā€™d like to let your readers know that the title of this entry contains an intentional typo which refers to a funny college story which I of course cannot remember but which the Directrice, with her excellent memory, probably can.

  2. Thank you for sharing another year of fabulous outfits with us. I had missed that lovely saffron Marni top from January. Divine!

    Best wishes to you in 2018.

  3. Your voice and your style are unlike anything else I’m reading at the moment. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. Wishing you a great year ahead!


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