This Location Has Gone ___ Days Without a Lost Time Accident!

You know someone well when you can predict exactly how she will react to something.

When my husband saw this jacket he said, “Your mother is going to be very upset when she sees that jacket.”
I responded, “That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it!”
Ahhh, like mother, like daughter. And The Photographer has our number.
Without further ado, I give you: The OSHA Violator.
Achtung Baby
Achtung Baby

Perhaps the clear and present danger is not apparent to you?
Allow me to explain.
Allow me to demonstrate
Do you see?

What about now?
Dangling, dramatic cuffs
Waiting to be pulled into a mangler
Tempting fate

If I worked in a kitchen, or on a farm or in a print shop, I would not wear this jacket to work.
But I work in an office, at a desk. The biggest risk I face in these sleeves is getting them wet in the ladies’ room sink.
As I consider this, I realize that it might be best to remove the jacket before going to the ladies’ room.
As I consider that, I wonder what kind of person buys a jacket that has to be removed before washing one’s hands.
What kind of person, I ask you
A foolish, but nevertheless lovable person

The Directrice pleas for understanding
The Directrice pleads for understanding
And then realizes she doesn't really deserve any
And then realizes she doesn’t really deserve any
But is a little unrepentant
But is a little unrepentant

Unrepentant because this jacket is fun
Unrepentant because this jacket is fun

For those who are trying to understand these cuffs, come closer.
Those who do not want to come closer to an impending tragedy can stay back
Those who do not want to come closer to an impending tragedy can stay back

I think this is a scimitar.
Scimitar? Possibly a scythe

Other features: Glen plaid, pleats, charm
Other features: Glen plaid, pleats, charm
Another benefit of female colleagues: They tell you when they see things you might like! 
One of my colleagues traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina for work and happened upon a store called The Art of Style. She saw this jacket and wasted no time alerting me. Two days later, it was mine.
This jacket is actually part of a suit, but I think that a suit along these lines would be too much of a muchness. So I did not buy the pants. I think this jacket is perfect for Casual Friday or a weekend trip to a museum.
In case you are wondering, I added the belt m’self.

Mother: Don’t worry. I will stay away from: open flames, fans, conveyor belts, automatic doors, propeller engines, manglers, and heavy machinery generally. I love you!
Everyone: Have a fantastic weekend!
Jacket: C/meo Collective We Woke Up Blazer; Shirt; JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Belt: Mauro Griffoni from YOOX; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff
Super scary printing machine; I am afraid to look at it while wearing this jacket
Super scary printing machine, no matter what you are wearing

16 thoughts on “This Location Has Gone ___ Days Without a Lost Time Accident!”

  1. I think: 1. scythe, 2. I love it! 3. Can you imagine the distraction of playing violin in it? The bow arm. Wow! 4. You are hilarious. 5. Nice spot, Colleague of La Directrice! 6. Your husband is a winner.

  2. That jacket is lovely and distinctive, though I think Edna Mode would agree with your mother. Glad to note you are already mindful of propellers 🙂

  3. That blazer is stunning, kudos to you for wearing it. In addition to all the risks you cite, I also would add inadvertently dragging the sleeves through salad dressing or ketchup or other highly staining liquid. I would also be likely to gesticulate in such a manner as to knock over some sort of container full of liquid — likely a highly staining red wine. So I can’t wear anything that pretty — but I love that you can and will vicariously enjoy that blazer through you.

  4. This would be a great jacket for performing ASL poetry in, given the right poem — slow, measured, fun. Love the jacket on you and happy to read your blog again!

  5. There are many things I love about this jacket, such as the fabric and pattern and shape. However, I am with your mother. Those sleeve ends. Oy. I’m one of those people who barely tolerates things around my wrists. Except expensive bracelets, of course. And bell sleeves and these intricate scimitar (so funny) sleeves are just a nightmare to me. That is like the Edward Scissorhands of jackets. You can put it on, but you can’t do hardly a thing once you’re wearing it. Except mop up spills.

  6. So glad you went for it! It looks great belted and might, I think, also work with slim black pants, pointed toe pumps/boots and sparkly accents for the holidays…?

  7. Incredible! I had two immediate thoughts. The first is, you could use stationery to clip up the sleeves for hand washing. ie what we call here in my office “bulldog clips”. An assortment of those in different sizes might work. Also that might add something rather than detract from the idea of the jacket as an assemblage. It works in with the industrially threatening printer/copier vibe somehow. I laughed out loud at this post especially when it worked up to the super scary printing machine nightmare! Hilarious! Secondly, I thought that I hoped the jacket was made in a first world country. That is because I wondered what a factory worker/machinist in a clothing manufacturer in a less wealthy country would make of this design as they sewed it, and that they’d think the person who eventually bought and wore the jacket was and the world had gone a bit mad. (But I’m sure your lovely jacket was lovingly made as one of a small batch by a happy and imaginative artisan whilst carefully, so as not to make crumbs, nibbling a croissant.)

  8. The jacket is bizarre. Please add escalators to the list. It would work if you were giving a dramatic performance which required much arm waving and finger pointing. I love you!

    • I do a lot of finger-pointing and arm-waving during the day, even though that is conduct more expected of a traffic cop than a lawyer . . .

  9. While I’m not s fan of wimpy bell sleeves, I am a fan of the extreme bell sleeve! (In my mind, some guy is yelling X-treeeeeme Bell Sleeve!) It wouldn’t work for my job, however, as I do presentations/trainings and “distracting” clothes are a big no. Sigh.


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