Our Lady of Thwarted Restraint

Back in September 2021 (after Delta, before Omicron), I recommended two new series to you: Only Murders in the Building and The Chair. Do you remember? And I mentioned that Selena Gomez’s character’s great wardrobe in OMITB had propelled me to investigate (and then purchase) a boilersuit. Do you remember that? I also told you that I had resisted the call of her fantastic marigold faux fur jacket because it was “tempting” but “very unnecessary” and “impractical.”

My restraint crumpled in January.
I feel a little ashamed, but I have to admit that my inner praise junkie is hoping someone will commend me for holding out for four months.
Directrice, future generations will sing ballads about your restraint

Now that I see a photo showing how fantastic this absurd little jacket is, I regret every day that we weren’t together.
Our Lady of Epic Restraint
The color is beautiful, my absolute favorite yellow-orange — which I think is such a cheerful, energizing hue. But equally important: this faux fur is the softest thing I’ve ever touched, including Philo (our piebald kitty), who is as soft as a cloud.
Second softest thing in the world

The cropped length is just right. More of this would have been too much.
Or, as my best friend’s mother says, too much of a muchness

Come closer and behold.
Unfortunately you cannot see the softness, and will just have to take my word for it.
The horizontal channels in the fabric (which is 100% polyester) create a slight Michelin Man effect, but it’s not puffy.+ According to the manufacturer, Belle Fare, this next-generation faux fur is friendly to both the environment and animals.
Neither puffy nor svelte

Our Lady of Next Generation Faux Fur
Guardian of Earth and Everything on It

Some might ask, Why did you buy a jacket that was strangling you? Fair question!
The jacket was designed with a thick band collar that fit snugly around the neck and under the chin. Too snugly. I asked Fatima to create an angled collar — leaving the collar at the original height in the back and than cutting down 45 degrees to reach a gentle v in the front.

Such a good idea! I had been struggling to choose between the XS (which felt perfect through the body, but restrictive around the neck) and the S (which was too big through the body, but not restrictive around the neck). This small modification allowed the XS to fit perfectly. Plus, I think it’s a more graceful neckline.
Because I saw possibilities! Bonus: a silk scarf will look pretty in the revised neckline

For a cozy, but not cold, day in the home office, I am wearing old favorites: a pair of wool jersey pants that I bought at Ann Taylor at least 20 years ago and a wool double face jersey.
Old friends

I know there are differing views among us regarding short-sleeved jackets and sweaters, but I maintain that these are great garments for layering.
You’ve seen this top (and it’s darker sister) here, here, and here.
So versatile

Finishing things off with a pop of color for indoors, because I can’t wear the faux fur jacket while litigating, is a poured-concrete and felted wool brooch by Allison Hilton Jones. You can never see this brooch too many times; you’ve seen it before here and here.

When I asked Allison to make this brooch for me, I chose white concrete rather than light or dark grey. I had a hunch it would look beautiful against a dark field.
As you can see in other posts, it’s sort of luminescent. Very effective.
A beautiful contrast of materials and texture

Mr. Orange and Philo may not be the softest, but they are the sweetest

Jacket: Belle Fare, purchased at Neiman Marcus (also came in black, bottle green, and lavender)
+ The desire for warmth finally topped my desire for style and I bought an enormous, puffy down coat this year. I look like a hot air balloon when I wear it, but it’s so toasty.
The inspiration

11 thoughts on “Our Lady of Thwarted Restraint”

  1. I feel partly to blame (or commend) for the crumpling of your restraint. The moment I saw Selena wear hers, I had two thoughts, both of which I conveyed: (1) That’s AMAZING, and (2) I could never justify this in my wardrobe, but I know someone who could pull it off …. THE DIRECTRICE. And so you have. And even more so with the prescient purchase of the mustard yellow brooch — which you know I adore, because I have a similar one in blue. Perhaps one day I will be brave enough for marigold faux fur. You are an inspiration, particularly around the collar, Directrice!

  2. I like your version better than the original. Did they say how it is environmentally friendly? I am tired of faux things degrading and disintegrating. Sigh.

  3. The jacket looks all warm in color and material. Happy to feel and happy to see. I like the combination of what you are wearing under it. Attractive and practical with just enough jolt from the jewelry.

  4. Such a gorgeous colour, I can see why your quest persisted! The monotone grey pieces are the perfect balance. Also, I did a double take on “its darker sister”, which I initially misread as “it’s darker, sister”, giving a whole new vibe to the comment.

  5. Brilliant move with the altered neckline—the scarf possibilities are mind-boggling with that color, no doubt that many fun discoveries and surprises are in store. And I love seeing that brooch make such a perfect re-entrance onto the scene!

  6. Love ALL of this! Just wish you didn’t have to take off jacket to see brooch, although I see brooch peeking out when jacket is open. Somehow I am going to get this post to the costume designer for OMITB, if it’s the last thing I do!


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