Bubbling Up!

I have a fascination with glass jewelry.
Does that sound like a bad idea? GlaSs jEweLRy?

Good idea, bad idea. It’s all the same.
The Photographer — more of a risk-taker than I am — didn’t think twice about indulging me and gave me this beautiful necklace for my birthday. It looks like a bouquet of soap bubbles.
Delightful, dangerous soap bubbles; Wait, did someone say “danger”?

I’ll be fine?
I thought a simple backdrop would be most effective for this charming, transparent piece: all black.
Here, I am wearing an old double-knit top and a pair of skinny black corduroys (but not “skinnies”) which I have decided are my most flattering pants.

Enough of my yapping! Come closer and see the bubbles.
They are playing with the light

These bubbles are ingeniously strung in a manner that holds them in this riotous arrangement. It looks haphazard, but is utterly composed. The variety in size and alignment reminds me of the “App Face” on an Apple Watch: the black background with all the app icons appearing like a pride of polka dots. That particular face epitomizes the genius of Apple graphic and industrial design.
The designers named this necklace “Soap”

Note the solo, migrating bubble
I am giving you a second look so that you can see the solo bubble at the end of this strand. I think it is supposed to hang down the back of my neck, but it keeps creeping around. I think it wants to be with the pride.

Top: DSquared2; Pants: Talbots; Shoes: Coach; Necklace: Bubble Necklace by Marina and Susanna Sent from MOMA

8 thoughts on “Bubbling Up!”

  1. I love everything about this outfit. Elegant, simple, flattering, and suits you perfectly. (What fun jewelry at MOMA! I’m glad the Photographer is such a risk taker.)

  2. He’s got a good eye!
    It’s perfect with that shirt and with the bubbles being clear it should compliment others as well.
    I like those pants. I see the backsides of a lot of skinny pants on my commute and a pair of slim straight pants is my preference.

  3. Glass beads… as long as you don’t have a penchant for rough-housing… it’s lovely!

    I love that top – so much so that I remember it from a previous post!

  4. Tory! My expanded Etsy search for bubble jewelry led me here, and after I stopped squeeing about the necklace, I realized who I was looking at— clearly, style blogging was your destiny. Dressing vintage in academia has somewhat different challenges, but your insights definitely apply. I’d love to hear from you (always!) but if I don’t, please accept my many enthusiastic thumbs-ups. —Marie

    • SUCH A TREAT TO HEAR/READ YOUR VOICE! I am laughing, imagining you as you were realizing that you were looking at me. “Is that you, Noodle?” Oui! C’est moi! More to follow.


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