A Corsage for The Directrice

The return of sweater weather! My favorite time of year!

In general, I am not a big fan of clothes that require extraordinary levels of care. By this, I don’t just mean dry-cleaning. I mean clothes that cause the clerk at the cleaner’s to jolt back when you lay them on the counter.
You know. When the clerk (or the clerk’s expression) says, How am I supposed to clean this?
Here I am
Drycleaning is child’s play

With my crazy sweater
This sweater will require heroic measures
I saw this sweater on the JCrew website several weeks ago and bought it when a 30% discount offer popped up in my g-mailbox.
The colors are muted — camel and grey herringbone, which ordinarily might not have drawn my attention.
I think you can guess what caught my attention. That enormous, incongruous floral applique. How charming, right?
The Photographer is uncertain. He thinks it’s just strange.

You’re going to have to come very close to see what makes it remarkable. SEQuiNS!!!
Up close
I like to think that my taste is tasteful, but sometimes the garish really appeals to me

Directrice, pre-deployment
Directrice, pre-deployment
You may be wondering why I am posting a Casual Friday ensemble on a Monday?
My week is topsy-turvy. I’m in my home state (New Hampshire) for the last four days of this endless election cycle to do . . . well, frankly, whatever the New Hampshire Democratic Party tells me to do. I am accompanied by The Photographer and Pere Directrice.
Who knows what I will post on Thursday . . . WHo knOws.

Sweater: JCrew Herringbone Sweater with Floral Patches; Jersey: White + Warren; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes; Coach

15 thoughts on “A Corsage for The Directrice”

  1. I’m with the photographer on the sequin corsage, a bit uncertain, but very certain that the charming buttons worn by the Directrice in the last photo look marvelous.

  2. Just a big thumbs up on the NH campaign work — the stress levels right now are at an all time high. So glad in 48 hours that this anticipation will be over. As my husband put it, at least “this stage” of the nightmare will be over. Then we see if the whole thing is truly over or only just beginning in earnest.

  3. Though I lack historical knowledge to back this up, the corsage feels very suffragette to me. So I like it, not only because it is lovely, but also apropos at this specific moment in time. Good luck in NH and thanks for working in service of the democratic process!

  4. Go Directrice! I can’t imagine anyone losing with you on their team. Actually, I REFUSE to even imagine the other possibility. Crossing my fingers and holding my breath from far, far away.

  5. Thank goodness the Directrice and the Photographer are in New Hampshire! That makes me feel a tiny bit better. As for the sweater … well, I’m with the Photographer. I think you need to leave it at the dry cleaner and just move on. Thank you for your service to the country!!!!

  6. As a Canadian, unable to vote, I thank you wholeheartedly.

    As a clothing connoisseur, I also thank you! I think the sweater is adorable. Don’t be afraid – I think you should forego the dry cleaning and hand wash/lay flat to dry in a jiffy.

  7. GO TORY GO!!! New Hampshire is lucky to have you. I teared up seeing that amazing photo of you, kicking butt helping the campaign. I have my (some would say garish) election nail art on and I am ready to VOTE. LET’S GO NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!

    (also, I too stay away from anything difficult to have cleaned, or that is hard to pack. Appliques, gems, sequins, etc, easily catch on other items, and have to be packed in tissue…and honestly, I travel too much for that to be convenient, yet I love a fun detail. Ah, the struggles of a modern working woman…)

  8. Fingers and everything else crossed for a sane result! As a Brexit casualty and long-time lover of your
    blog , I salute your sterling efforts in NH.

    And I love your style and this sweater.

  9. I absolutely love this jumper and you look great wearing it! I was so excited to read the whole post only having caught a glimpse of the sequins in the first teaser photo. The juxtaposition of the sequin floral motif on the traditional herringbone is what I love, the placement of the motif (not in the middle) and the way the colours in the sequins complement the ribbing are all the things I appreciate. Something that puts a smile on my face!

  10. I also feel better knowing that you’re in New Hampshire. Will you be wearing a pantsuit?

    Besides the political statement, they look much more fashionable to me after watching the Pantsuit Flash Mob dance video shot in NYC’s Union Square. (Of course, they were mostly professional dancers wearing pantsuits).


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