A Study in Contrasts

Shortly before the holidays (December 2021), I confessed to buying a pair of camouflage pants.

The pants have elasticized cuffs.

Is it strange that I think these are cute?

I do.

I’m not saying I’m cute; I’m saying the pants are cute

Reclaiming my youth

When they arrived, I thought I’d remove the elastic and just have a classic straight leg, like all my other pants (except the gold pants that my mother despises).

But when I tried these pants on, they spoke to me.

The pants said, “Be cool, Directice. We’re of the moment.” They also made me remember, with great fondness, some jeans I had in junior high school, which had wide elastic cuffs at the ankles. I probably wore those jeans with Shetland wool sweater from Carroll Reed and Tretorns (please, no socks) in the middle of the winter.

Directrice, you’re yammering about cuffs; you haven’t gotten to the weird part yet
There’s no need to say it; they can see it

My blouse, with its immense sleeves.

Just the thing to balance the masculine pants. The sort-of-masculine pants.

Oh sleeves: You enchant me

I could not resist

Name That Sleeve, Directorate!

I have a few ideas of the style, but I’d like your best guesses.

Finishing things off, a pair of exaggerated kiltie loafers.

Not sure where the “kiltie” comes from. I guess the overlapping tongue looks like a tiny skirt?

These are from Yoox, a brand I’d never heard of — Paloma Barcelo — and are beautifully made.

Just like old times: no socks

As we head into the weekend, I think we could all use a little boost from Mr. Orange and Philo, no?*

Blouse: Ganni Smocked White Blouse (found it in a beautiful print here; Pants: Banana Republic Slim Utility Pant; Shoes: Paloma Barcelo from Yoox (sold out, but there are still many loafers on Yoox)

The cats are reading upside-down

  • I wrote this post in February 2022 and then put it aside with the farthest out publication date that I could think of in February 2022 — which was, apparently, September 29, 2022.

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    • Well, there was supposed to be a smiley emoji with heart eyes at the end of that, for punctuation, but we’ll all just have to imagine it.

  1. Once again wishing the blog comments allowed photos, because then I could upload a picture of my camo jacket with a sanded finish and curved hem and nipped waist that bought my eye last spring.

    I like the pants. I have decided I like pants of all kinds that nip in at or just above my ankles.

  2. This might be the most clever and harming outfit combo ever — I am loving the (hard) camo with the (soft) blouse. And those shoes! Well done!

  3. Longtime lurker here, and I’m all in favor of the pants. In my opinion, noncommittal pants/trousers are usually the only weak link in an otherwise striking wardrobe. You often wear straight-leg pants that neither balance your voluminous tops nor make a statement themselves.

  4. Off topic, but the NYTimes today has an article on post-pandemic menswear that prominently used the term “hard pants” … a description that I fully associate with the Directrice. The urban dictionary uses it in a sentence: “ During the pandemic, Victoria refused to wear hard pants.” 😉


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