Let’s Revisit A Sacque

One of the keys to extending the life of your clothes is taking care of them: proper laundering, storage, and repair. Another is altering them, as needed, to create the right look or fit. If you don’t like the way something looks, you won’t wear it. That means listening to your inner voice when it says, “Wouldn’t this look better if . . .”

I bought this navy Isabel Marant dress in late 2017 or early 2018. Pre-purchase, I was intrigued by its intentionally loose fit. Once it was mine, I wondered if it just looked baggy.

Back in 2018, Fatima took in the top half, honoring the loose fit, but getting rid of excess fabric. We left the skirt alone.

But the skirt sat heavily on my mind for years. Take a few seconds to savor with that ludicrous metaphor. “The skirt sat heavily on her mind . . .”

As it was, early 2018

Fast forward to 2022. With most of my pretty office clothes hanging untouched in the closet for two years, I decided it was time to fix this dress. Priorities! See also: Optimism.

Accordingly, Fatima narrowed and tapered the skirt.

Ahhhhh; much better

Did the Weight Securing System belt do its job during the pandemic? Note that it is unknotted in these photos

Though I am a few pounds heavier in 2023 than I was in 2018, I think I look more svelte in these photos. That is the miracle of tailoring. Here is the link to the original post; judge for yourself.

Despite the more form-fitting skirt, the cut of this dress still provides a lot of ease. It’s worky, but not so dressy that it looks out of place in my current office environment.

At least, I don’t think I look out of place

These industrial webbing Off-White belts are almost always shown unknotted, with a long flowing tail end. I usually wear mine wrapped twice around my waist and then knotted. But here, I thought that a dangling line of yellow would be fun.

Dangling belts, ribbons, cords, etc. are quite inauthentic to an industrial setting, no?
On this blog, it’s always safety first — except in this photo, where my belt is blowing in the wind

I wore this dress and belt to a professional conference in 2018 and it was a huge hit. But at certain times and in certain places, the Weight Securing System may not strike the right cord. Then, the dress can be normalled up with a skinny black belt.

Normal is a relative concept
I do have a giant bird pinned to my neckline

I suppose I could have pinned a pearly brooch or something understated to the dress. But the swan felt right.

This Emily Cobb brooch is 3-D printed nylon and weighs nothing, which is perfect for this tropical weight wool dress.

No weight, great impact

If you haven’t seen my recent posts, look back at this and this. You know I love to hear from you (is anyone out there?), so leave a comment.

Brooch: Emily Cobb from Sienna Patti Gallery

13 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit A Sacque”

  1. As I read this I was encouraged to act on my impulse to take a blazer that has gotten a bit tight in the arms to my seamstress and see if there’s something clever she can do. I saw someone on YouTube recommending getting a gusset or something sewn in the arm and armpit. I’m sure it will be pricey, but then I might actually wear the blazer, so cost per wear will come down.

    Love the dress!

  2. This dress is like the Holy Grail to me – it is black, has sleeves, has a modest length and neckline, and looks neither too prim nor too casual. I think the money you spent on alterations was well worth it.

    And people may not be commenting much these days, but still appreciating your sartorial efforts. Please keep going!

  3. Your blog is the only one I click on immediately when I get it in my inbox, you bring me joy (and so many amazing ideas for my wardrobe!). Keep it up!

  4. Chic outfit and can be accessorized in so many ways. I really like your shoes as well, they complement the outfit.

    I enjoy your postings even though I am retired and not in need of professional clothes for work but the general idea of dressing up gives me ideas of what to wear on those rare occasions.

  5. We missed you Directrice! It is a joy to have you back in my inbox. We could all use every bit of positivity we can get at the moment and you are a beacon of intelligence and humour.

  6. Wearing the belt to a conference – I love that and you’re giving me courage to do something similar. Life’s too short to look predictable!

  7. I’m here as well! Love this blog. My current dilemma is: I’ve moved offices, and my new office is a sauna! I’m mourning my winter office woolens, and have had to dig into my summer wardrobe. As a result, I’m stuck on khakis and J Crew colored (pink, maroon) or neutral tops at the moment.

    I’ll be attending a women’s leadership conference in a few months, so already planning on what to wear.

  8. I have an MM LaFleur dress in I think the identical fabric. I love it so.

    Agree the taken-in skirt is an improvement. However, the previous post included a cat and this one did not, so I have to take off a star.

  9. The dress is great , the shoes are very nice and the brooch is delightful. I worry about the part of the strange belt which could get caught on something.

  10. The dress looks better with the taken-in skirt.

    I’ve purchased several pairs of wide-legged pants, which I like b/c they’re high-waisted, and proceeded to taper them a bit at the bottom. It’s the same with that skirt, a little narrowing makes the you underneath look a bit sharper.


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