New Pants!

I’ve been corresponding with a reader from Tasmania who works as a stylist and wardrobe consultant. She encouraged me to pay more attention to my pants. I promised her that I would go to a store — a brick-and-mortar store — and try on some current styles.

The search lead me to these pants, which I have fallen in love with.
The pants will be featured in the next few posts shown with a variety of tops. I am realizing as I look at these photos that you (readers) can’t even see what these pants look like and to the extent that you can, they may look a little baggy and wrinkled. I have been wearing them all weekend . . .
I fear that this is not what my Tasmanian correspondent had in mind.
My extremely wide-legged pants

Let’s set aside the pants (for now) and focus on my top — a peasant-style blouse strewn with flowers of every color like a meadow of wildflowers. I’ve attempted to constrain the blouse with a little corset-like top that you’ve seen before. It’s funny that you’ve only seen it once, because I wear it with a number of different blouses.
Black silk chiffon printed with pink, lavender, gold, white,and orange flowers
Modest ruff neckline ties in the back with twill tapes; should have asked The Photographer to straighten the loose ends
The sleeves are enormous but cinched in a few spots

Note the pretty spot where we are. One of the neighboring buildings re-landscaped its backyard and made this lovely garden. They planted a number of flowering bushes that have attracted many bees.
Looks like a meadow

I hope that was done intentionally, because we must have counted at least two dozen bees of different shapes and sizes. They were feasting on pollen and totally uninterested in us.
This fabric is really special. I think you need to come closer to take a better look.
Come here, my love; I want to speak to you

Don’t worry about the bees; come closer.
Bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz

Do you see the gold and silver bars? It’s embroidery with metallic thread.
This gold glitters in light

The Photographer asked me to do something funny. So I surprised him with something unexpected: a roundhouse kick. Never underestimate The Directrice.
The wind-up; face contorted because . . . gathering energy!
The punishing kick
All that bada$$ energy released

A special note for KM Down Under: Don’t despair! I am still working on new pants.
I was interested; I like your pants*
Pants: JCrew Point Sur Wide-Leg Crop Pant; Blouse: See by Chloe from YOOX; Little top: Staud; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

* The Photographer took this photo. Small insects are hard to photograph.

12 thoughts on “New Pants!”

  1. I love your pants. Nice length, nicely fitted on hips and bottom and then beautifully dramatically wide. I think they look marvellous with the shirt and espec love their colour.

  2. They’re back for a reason . The pants are both comfy and stylish with lots of possibilities regarding color as you have done . You made good choices for the tops and I like the outfit.

  3. I’m slightly in love with that blouse. The colors are perfect for a summer-to-autumn transition. I really need to spend more time on YOOX. (Didn’t the Directrice previously have a maxim that pants should be in black? In any case, the marigold pants are lovely — a nice alternative to khaki. Not sure I could pull them off as well as you do.)

    • I believe that I set forth a theorem (?) that “pants are black or grey” based on repeated observations of my own wardrobe. But look at me now! Gold pants. Grow, kitten, grow!

  4. I like the blouse and would like to see it without the corset. Would a not too wide belt in a color to compliment the pants work? The kick in the meadow is great. Beautiful background, beautiful you !


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