The Directrice, Now and Then

When you buy something that is both beautiful and well-made, you should wear it for years. Getting longevity out of my clothes is a point of modest pride for me.

I’ve had this jacket for years. One might think that a chartreuse jacket would have a limited life-span . . . but one would be incorrect in so thinking.
I am sorry
My posts have been irregular for the last few weeks; I am sorry; I’ve been terribly busy at work!

I don't want to hear it; I said I've been working really hard
Please don’t scold; I said I’ve been working really hard; I’m very sleepy
If you love the weirdy greens as I do, this color never grows old.
It sets off grey, white, and black beautifully.

Many charming details to appreciate: spread collar, crisp tied belt . . .
Does that sound familiar?
3/4 view
Jaunty bow?

Queasy green, bronzey buttons
Queasy green, bronzey buttons
Bronzey buttons . . . Is this bringing back any memories? Any at all?
Perhaps you aren’t as close a reader as you think you are?

Deep in the archives, you’ll find me wearing this jacket in February 2015. The photo actually dates from September 2014 — three years ago — when The Photographer and I, assisted by the wonderful Lauren Ackil, took the earliest test photos for this blog.
September 2015!
September 2014!

Perhaps you are feeling ill-used? Feeling cheated because I’ve essentially re-run an outfit?
Can one plagiarize one's self? I think not
As darkness falls, The Directrice asks, Can one plagiarize oneself? I think not

Non, non. I am not re-running an outfit. I am bringing you up-to-date. The jacket and pants are the same. But I’ve had to replace the blouse. The one that I wore in 2014 became tattered. I wore it to death. This blouse has a different profile — a full peplum that is longer in the back and the front.
Note: I have this blouse in size 2 and size 4.* I am wearing the 4 because the 2 is in the wash. The 2 actually looks better because it is a little shorter.
New value, man; new blouse
New value, Readers: A Replacement Blouse

A Miracle!
For those ready to demand a refund, I have one more trick up my sleeve.
Do you remember my previous advice about using a piece of clothing as a dowsing rod?
Look at what I put together after holding my new Suno blouse between my eyes and my closet: A miracle!

A Miracle, I say.
The Directrice keeps them coming back for more
SO sayeth The Directrice

Perhaps (perhapsleberry) not a miracle, but a delightful and unexpected coincidence.
The flowers on my blouse are a near-match to the color of the jacket.
34 bloue
Perhapsleberry a coincidence is as good as a miracle

And now a celebratory and somewhat self-congratulatory note: This is my 333rd posting! We are one-third of the way to 1,000. I wouldn’t have lasted this long without your comments and emails, which make this blog fun and rewarding for me. So, thank you!

Jacket: Still Robert Rodriguez; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: Still JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Watch; Michele Seirein 16; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

* The Photographer read this sentence, turned to me and said, YoU dO? Why?

11 thoughts on “The Directrice, Now and Then”

  1. I too love chartreuse, and I will wear it with true reds, kelley greens, navy blues, certain light blues, and dark purples, along with white, gray and black.

  2. I remember the jacket and particularly recall the slight tinge of envy that I didn’t have a chartreuse jacket in my closet. But now three years on I can claim a weirdy green jacket of my own — it’s a classic bolero jacket so I’m still on the lookout for something like this. Which looks wonderful as styled by the Directrice.

  3. I still wish for such a color in my wardrobe, a timely reminder. Loved it then and now so glad you still use it and obviously enjoy it. There are no end of possibilities for that piece no matter the season.

  4. I also remember this jacket!
    Tell the Photographer that having a blouse in a couple of sizes allows one options when pairing with other clothing pieces… as well as “svelte” days versus… not so “svelte” days.

    The print is sublime. Positively providential.

  5. Is no coincidence that blouse matches jacket. You knew it deep in your soul, even if you weren’t conscious of it when you purchased the blouse. Looks lovely.

  6. To my eye it’s the jacket BUTTONS that are a close match to the flowers, an even subtler and higher-order move than merely matching the jacket …

  7. The jacket looks yellow to me and that is just fine as I am a big fan of the color. It is lovely and you have and are making good use of it .

  8. 1. Love weird greens. 2. Plagiarizing oneself is possible and problematic for us academics – but perhaps this is more performance art? 3. Irregular posts are better than non at all! Keep on keeping on. Have a great week’s end!


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