WFH in a Denim Suit

A couple of months ago — during the cool spring weather — I went out for the walk and ran into The Photographer, who was also out for a walk. Since we are in the apartment together all day, we tend to take our constitutional walks separately along different routes. But occasionally we intersect and it makes me laugh when our paths cross. This particular day, I’d left the apartment before he did. Otherwise, I would have prevented him from leaving as he did . . . wearing a medium-rinse denim jacket with faded jeans.

Oh no, Photographer.
He did not know better.
In general, I am not a fan of combining denim separates, head-to-toe.
But it did give me an idea.
The idea!

The idea, in profile
I think this works because the top is sleeveless and pants are a little cropped. It’s an abbreviated column of denim rather than a massive field.
My other theory regarding denim-on-denim is that it only works in two combinations: separates that are almost identical in color or separates that are very different. I don’t think there is a middle ground. But feel free to persuade me otherwise!

What do you think?
I think you’ve done very well

Rounding things out, a simple pendant made of very fine yarn in two shades of blue: cornflower and royal. I feel that I am moving into a Blue Period for accessories. This follows a lengthy Yellow Period that has been punctuated by the purchase of several red and pink things (scarves, bags, and brooches).
A simple, but very pleasing pendant

Come closer and take a good look at the necklace.
We (you and I) could make something like this.
Looks a like a blue onion

Testing my own Zoom portraiture principles, I have been trying to wear interesting tops for video conferences. Interestingly, not all interesting tops show well on Zoom. As previously discussed, a sculptural top in black cotton may look like nothing more than a hair salon drape unless you are sitting under excellent lighting. And this charming striped top, with its enormous platter collar doesn’t look like much either. It needs to be seen in full to be appreciated and that is not the format of my Zoom meetings.
This blouse, for all its delights, did not translate on Zoom
No, it did not; it looked like a hair salon’s striped drape

Here is a blue necklace for you to enjoy.
Coming soon: I made two decisions at the start of the summer. First, that I would dress up (a little) every day. Second, that I could purchase a couple of fun dresses to make the summer more festive.*
*Fun dresses are different from work dresses and aspirational resort clothes. You’ll see.
Laura Wood Torque Necklace from Artful Home; wouldn’t this look beautiful against black, grey or navy?

16 thoughts on “WFH in a Denim Suit”

  1. Yay! You’re back! I agree with you about combining denim – match or be really different. Slightly off bothers me as well. I’m curious about the material of the torque necklace – it looks like it’s stiffer than ribbon – rubber? or?

    It’s good to do something interesting for Zoom meetings. For me that’s usually statement earrings but I like your necklaces.

    • I am back! Thank you for the enthusiastic welcome! The torque necklace is metal — brass coated with paint — so it must be very stiff. I am not sure how heavy/light it is.

  2. I just love those outfits. I think it’s because I love denim, blue, and a peplum top.

    So glad you’re back. I can’t wait to see that Torque necklace on one of your outfits.

  3. Even after ten years with The Directrice, and six as The Photographer, I still mix up the words “dress” and “skirt”, and “bracelet” and “necklace.” And as for how I select what to wear in the morning? Whatever’s at the top of the drawer is what goes on my body. But vive la différence, right?

  4. Another tip on Zoom: use clamp lights to improve the lighting. We got clamp lights years ago to help with Directrice shooting and it turns out they help a lot with Zoom calls. They’re easy to mount on chairs or just about any other surface. If you have nearby walls you can angle the light off of, I suggest 100-watt equivalent sunlight LED bulbs. If not, use 60-watt equivalent because if they’re facing you, they’re really bright.

  5. So glad you are back. The column of denim outfit is charming. I agree with you on how to match denim — but also wonder if the Photographer wasn’t making some sort of edgy street style statement?

  6. Great to see you back! And there are so many beautiful things on the Artful Home website. Interesting necklaces are perfect for Zoom, and I have to admit I’ve bought a few recently …

  7. I’m kind of wondering — is there something other than fairly close match and very different? Could you give an example?

    Also, the blue necklace looks extremely uncomfortable.

    Finally, I absolutely agree about clothing online. And the worst thing is that you don’t know how horrible it looks until you are looking at yourself for an hour in a teams meeting (we seem to do teams a lot).

    • EL — Check the next post. I included some photos of near-miss combinations. And a photo of The Photographer (with his permission).

  8. This is referred to as a “Canadian Tuxedo” – denim on top and bottom… a staple in all our closets… and I love it.


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