Is More Better?

Last year I bought an outlandish floral jacket — fuschia and orange — on the The RealReal and declared victory over darkness.

In a time when night and day were reversed and home became work, the jacket didn’t simply seem right. It seemed like the way forward. So, I bought a second floral jacket.

This may have been excess.

Another floral jacket; was it sense or sensibility?

In defense of myself, the fushcia jacket read brilliantly on Zoom: vibrant, cheery, non-threatening. It was a great idea.

You thought if one was good, two would be even better?
That’s exactly what I thought

But the question now is: How do these jackets read in real life?

This Dries van Noten floral is intense and realistic. The flowers have the detail and lifelike quality of botanical prints and the colors are saturated and vivid. The background is moody — and rather than muting these flowers, it sets them off like a spotlight would.

Who’s to say how history will judge me

This jacket may be a lot

This jacket is loud and possibly crazy, but it’s also beautiful and it fit me perfectly straight out of the box. Seems like a clear win to me.

Today, I’ve dressed it down with classic stripe and action slacks, but it would also look good with black pants and a black blouse underneath.

Note: I tried the jacket with a men’s style shirt and this striped A-line top. Both were undefined through the waist and looked a little dumpy, so I added a belt under the jacket. I don’t know why, exactly, this trick works, but it does. Here’s another example.

I’ve included this photo because my expression is hilarious. I look like I’ve just finished explaining something that makes no sense — “and that’s how I came to own two floral jackets!” — but am trying to end on an authoritative note.

Please provide your own caption in the comments below.

And that’s how a bill becomes a law!

One final observation: In the spring in Washington D.C., this fabric is a camouflage print. See how well I blend in with the azaleas behind me?

Jacket: Dries van Noten from The RealReal; Shirt: Sacai from The RealReal; Pants: Prana Halle Straight Pant II; Shoes: G.H. Bass Weejuns Charm Super-Lug Loafer; Coach Rider Handbag

The Directrice disappears

12 thoughts on “Is More Better?”

  1. Wish I had this jacket in my closet. I recently attended a DC event, the invitation indicated ATTIRE: festive wear! This jacket over a black dress or jumpsuit would definitely have had a ‘festive wear’ vibe!

  2. That is gorgeous! I have a jacket that feels like A LOT to me so I rarely wear it. But the other day I threw it on over a preexisting loungewear outfit (read: the clothes I slept in) to run to the store, and it actually looked great! I’m going to try more variations of super casual shapeless clothes plus outlandish jacket.

  3. This is a stunning jacket. It looks great with what you are wearing and other choices abound. Thank you for trying to bring some joy and light where the times afford us so little.

  4. I love these jackets where you are at one with the spring flowers. What a happy look. And I like the idea of action slacks! As opposed to slacking off slacks, I guess.

  5. Nice jackets. Hopefully this does not lead to confusion at garden parties as the line blurs between flowering azaleas and camouflaged guests.


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