In Which The Directrice Extends Her Holiday

In Which The Directrice Extends Her Holiday

Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have unilaterally extended my holiday and expect to be back on-line April 25th.
During my break I have been pursuing new interests, like knitting and Poldark.

I made my Loopy Mango hat last weekend. Perhaps the ones shown on the Loopy Mango site are a little better than mine, but I am nevertheless very proud of my first knitting project.
It looked cooler on the Loopy Mango model
It looked cooler on the Loopy Mango model

Do you see what I mean?
Helsinki Hat by Loopy Mango
Helsinki Hat by Loopy Mango

Maybe it’s all about attitude
I am not quite sure what I need to do with these long ends. Perhaps they look intentional, like ties, but they are not; they’re just the ends of the project.

Knitting is very relaxing, so peaceful and rhythmic. But of course it can also be tactically deployed as a mode of personal expression — Defarging It™ — i.e., to show a total lack of interest while something that is very meaningful to someone else is going on. Click click click.

Poldark! If you haven’t seen it, you now have plans for the weekend. Season 1 only takes eight hours and you will not, could not, be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “In Which The Directrice Extends Her Holiday”

  1. Color and style of hat is very nifty. You should be really proud. I don’t knit but perhaps the ends could be tied in bow in back. The hat appears warm for the next winter which could be perfect. As it happens my sister just gave me a copy of Poldark and I will begin as it carries your endorsement as well! Thanks. Kate

  2. You can weave in the ends into the inside of the hat, making sure they are tied off as to not unravel…OR… you could add a tassel on each end and look quite Oregonian. Congrats on your new found interest!

  3. Your readers will miss you, Directrice, but everyone deserves a vacation. Especially you, you hard-working thing. As a certain friend of ours once said, be well!

  4. Usually the ends are woven in, but the problem with such a thick yarn is that it’ll create quite a bit of bulk and come out too easily. My best experience with such knits is to take the end and unravel it into at least 4 pieces and weave those back into it.
    You may also want to wet it and block it to see if you can get the rim a tad tighter!!
    Nice job!! jodie

  5. Have fun on your break and enjoy. By the way, Poldark is sooo good. I’m 5 hrs. into it. Thanks for the heads up. Kate

  6. I’m with Jodie in thinking that the pattern was for a bigger head than yours.
    I might consider attaching the ends to something a bit stretchy and running that through the edge.

  7. I was just perusing my inbox worried I had missed a new entry, so decided to check out the blog. You are missed, but I do hope you are enjoying a very relaxing, much deserved holiday!

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