The Directrice Re-presents: A Complicated Silk Tank

Tomorrow is the first day of spring . . . purportedly.

I have doubts. Spring-like weather usually does not arrive until late April, and a freak snow storm last week seems to have killed half the cherry blossom buds.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to plan for something that will come eventually.
It also doesn’t hurt to revisit some things that haven’t been worn for awhile and think about why they haven’t been worn for awhile. Things like this silk tank.
There is snow, dirty snow, on the ground behind me
There is snow, dirty snow, on the ground behind me

I shall contrive!
I have contrived!
I showed you this complicated silk tank, which I’ve owned for years, in the fall of 2015. Then, as now, I wore it with a white blouse underneath and pale grey trousers.
But I like it much better today than I did then. Why? Small changes.
Then, I wore it unbelted, with a heavier white blouse and tapered, cropped pants.
Today, I am wearing it with a slim, lightweight blouse, a clear PVC belt, and straight-legged, full-length pants. I like this second iteration so much better.

The chief difference is the belt. I love this tank — the complicated, folded neckline, the cherry-red piping outlining the straps, neckline, and hem — but it is rather shapeless. A belt gives it shape.
Can you even see the see-through belt?
full length side
Transparent belt

If I may be candid, I never loved the 2015 outfit. But one does have to get dressed everyday.
The colors were right and the basic concept made sense, but there was something wrong with the silhouette. I have no objection to volume, but it seemed a little dumpy to me, and that I cannot have.
Here is a lesson for all of us: When you realize that you aren’t wearing something because it isn’t quite right, it is worth a few minutes of concentrated thought to consider how it could be fixed. Sometimes the answer is shockingly simple.
To re-cap, for those who don’t remember.
See the charm!
Such a lively, winsome top!
Beautiful detailing
Beautiful detailing

The belt isn’t making me look thin — but it’s giving me shape, which is just as good. Arguably better!
You may wonder why I picked a clear PVC belt. I thought a black belt would compete with the cherry-red piping and a skinny red belt would seem like too much.*
These pants are also a better silhouette. The wide, straight legs provide some graceful balance for the volume of the top. But this only works because the tank has been cinched at the waist.
I must say, this was a really good idea, and I have lots of good ideas
I must say, this was a really good idea, and I have lots of good ideas

Until late May, a jacket should be part of the plan.
This one is made of cotton twill with military details — the perfect weight for early spring.
A jacket for warmth
A jacket for warmth

peppermint piping still shows
Cherry red piping still showing
I feel, deep down inside, that this PVC belt will be enormously useful in the future. When and how, exactly, I don’t know as I sit here today, but I feel comfortable waiting for such revelations.
Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; White Blouse: Theory; Silk tank: Hanii Y; Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: French Sole New York; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel; Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James; Watch: Michele Serein 16

*It occurs to me now, as I write this post, that I should have tried two other belts — just to see. I will hold this experiment for 2018.
With a belt for extra definition
A wide cherry red belt; may work well with cherry red piping
The incomparable CGI belt; will probably be too much

7 thoughts on “The Directrice Re-presents: A Complicated Silk Tank”

  1. The belt is genius simply because I mistook it for a matching belt in the fabric of the tank and said to myself upon first glance, “How smart!”

    Then you told me it was transparent and then I said, “Genius.”

    Sorry about the cherry blossom buds. Come to Oregon 🙂

  2. The silk tank is colorful touch of spring and adds just enough lightheartness under that perfect little jacket. A sweet outfit.


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