The Limits of Artificial Intelligence

I am a little tired today, and thought about making this post the blogging equivalent of a silent movie — no words. This idea amuses me. Some day, there will be an epic contest . . . in which I will put up photos and ask you to supply the text and captions. It will be like a New Yorker cartoon contest for die-hard Directrice readers.

On to business. What’s all this then?
The Photographer and I ventured outside last weekend with the camera. We did not venture far.
So here I am, wearing a utility jacket and jeans and something else. A third piece.
Not so springy yet
It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm either

for those who are wondering -- full length no jacket
Third Piece meets Handsome Driveway
Pinterest sends me lots of pictures of driveways. The emails generally begin, “We think you might like these boards” or “We think you might like these pins.” For the longest time I wondered why Pinterest thought I would be so interested in photos of driveways, and then realized that I often take photos in my driveway.*
Did you know that there are Pinterest boards devoted to driveways? Is this what happens after the kitchen has been renovated? Or is it a new fetish? Regardless, in pegging me as a driveway enthusiast, Pinterest has unwittingly revealed the limits of artificial intelligence.
Back to the third piece.
Here is a better view. It’s actually two pieces: a floral bustier over a voile blouse. But clearly the bustier is the piece I am talking about.

It’s fun, right? A little Marie Antoinette for Casual Friday.
Like this?
You want me to come closer? Like this?

Like this?
Examine Petite Trianon up close
I think this floral is very beautiful. It really does fit like the bodice of a late 18th century dress. Is it too Poldark?

Is there such a thing as too Poldark?
I don’t think so, but I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the second season.
Is this obscene?
Are we now too close? Is this obscene?

I think that may have been obscene
I think that may have been obscene
Tant pis
Tant pis

I have now run out of words, so I will close by saying, “Have a fantastic weekend!”
Le back
Le back
Whoops! I forgot to show you the back.
I am not bothered by the fact that the patterned fabric does not wrap the whole way around me. I would prefer that it did, but am not put out because it doesn’t.
Jacket: JCrew; Voile blouse: Vince; Bustier: Les Copains; Jeans: Jcrew; Shoes: Tory Burch

* Slow processing time in connecting these facts shows the limits of human intelligence.

8 thoughts on “The Limits of Artificial Intelligence”

  1. The fabric is beautiful. I dare you to wear the bustier to work with nothing under it. You are allowed to wear a jacket. Send pictures.

  2. Looks pretty on you and Poldark cannot be overdone. You told us about watching it and I then bought the first DVD. Need to get second series and look forward. The tight bodices still reign and you wear them like nobody’s business. Kate

  3. The fit of all items are perfection – the bustier actually looks comfy rather than constricting. Thank you for keeping your date with your readers despite tiredness/ wordlessness and hope the weekend provides an opportunity to recharge.

  4. Ha! I’ve been pinning driveways – we had foundation work done and now have a large scrape-then-hose-off your rubber boots muddy driveway that needs to be fixed. ASAP. Lovely outfit but not quite the driveway we’re looking for 😉

    • The pinned driveways I’ve seen are very elegant — so I would never suggest that they are not art! But here is the essential question: Did you find your way to my blog through a driveways board on Pinterest?

  5. Really pretty with the blouse underneath. This is the second such contraption you’ve shown us in the last little while, the other being a black lacey type corset belt. I love them! I’m trying so hard to resist a navy linen corset type belt doodad in one of my local shops, and you’re making it very difficult for me Directrice!

  6. Dare I suppose you may go without foundational underpinning (“bra”) while wearing this outfit? And where is the closure for the bustier?

    You totally rock this look! It’s divine!


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