Space Dye

I think I advised you a couple of months ago that ivory cords are useful? I know I warned you a week ago that there would be a lot of black and grey in the coming weeks as we march through my depths of winter wardrobe.

Here we have the marriage of ivory cords with black and grey.
I am so comfortable

On a day when one has no fixed appointments, it’s kind of cozy to wear slouchy cords with a slouchy turtleneck.
The jacket, however, is giving me respectability.
Much cooler
And the sunglasses are making me cool

Jacket with many details that have eluded the light; the sun is setting
I’ve had this melton wool jacket for years and will describe four small details that unfortunately are not completely visible in these photographs.

Behold the details in your mind’s eye: (1) a double collar; (2) shirring at the waist which provides a defined waist, but comfortable fit over hips; (3) button tabs to enhance definition at waist; (4) pick stitching at cuffs and collar.

The turtleneck is space-dyed which gives it visual interest. Don’t you you love the visual movement in space-dyed fabrics? They look like they’re going places.
This picture shows the collar better; there is a small stand collar just inside the Peter Pan collar — a very nice detail.
A well-defined collar

To brighten things up, a little color: bright gold in my bracelet and a red bag.
A Christmas present from the photographer
A classic Kate Spade bag, which I think should be re-issued

And lastly, a new pair of red shoes. (I did offer them to you first.) These are a nice deep red, very shiny calf-skin with oversized kiltie tongue.
We’ve discussed the Virtues of Red Shoes

NB: Some of you have inquired about space-dyeing. Here is an explanation that I found on l’Internet. Space dyed yarn is a term that defines the dyeing process in which multiple colors are applied along a length of yarn (usually a continuous filament strand) at intervals. This process can be achieved through several methods: 1) Knit-de-knit process of printing on a knit fabric and then unraveling it; 2) Warp yarn printing; 3) Yarn package impregnation where a thin stream of dye is spurted out from a needle into a yarn package; and 4) the spraying of colors onto the skeins of yarn. Hmmm. Setting aside syntax and diction, that explanation raises more questions than it resolves. Knit-de-knit? Impregnation? Here is my take-away: Thread or yarn is dyed at intervals and when it is woven to create fabric, the color aligns in a streaky pattern. Space-dyeing is often tonal, but can combine different colors.

Jacket: JCrew; Turtleneck: JCrew Tissue Turtleneck; Corduroys: Talbots: Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs Wooster Kiltie Loafer; Bag: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Illesteva

11 thoughts on “Space Dye”

  1. My dear Directrice, I like the outfit very much, but I must lodge two small complaints. First, you have not explained the meaning of “space dyed.” Are we supposed to have emerged from the womb with a god-given understanding of this term? Second, I am a little worried about your shoe acquisitions. Do we need to stage a little intervention, Directrice? I like the new shoes very much, (although I’m not entirely sure about the over large “tongue”), but seriously, how many pairs of dark red shoes does one really need? Although I suppose that now that you have a style blog perhaps you are entitled to go a little crazy, I don’t know. Never mind. (Perhaps if you sent ME a pair of dark red shoes (hold the over large tongue please) I might stop flaming you on your blog :-))

    • My dear Desh — I will amend this post to provide an explanation of space-dyeing. While I know it when I see it, I could not explain it myself without doing a little research first. But having read the first two Google hits that appeared in response to a search for “space dyed,” I now consider myself one of the world’s leading authorities on this subject. To answer your more weighty question, I think the number of pairs of red shoes that one needs is the number that one has. That number, for me, currently is two, but it may increase or decrease in the future. The number is not fixed; it’s relative, elastic, highly impermanent and fully amenable to rationalization. I hope this helps!

      And for those who are wondering, Desh is not simply a friend, but also a professional mentor and life role model, and despite her periodically teasing comments, this blog would not exist but for her encouragement and enthusiasm. She was my beta-test audience and encouraged me to actually launch the blog when I was leaning strongly against doing so.

  2. Phew! Someone ELSE asked about “space-dyed”…. I questioned myself for not knowing this term. Directrice…please explain. 🙂
    (LOVE the shoes, and your photographer is to be complimented for his fine selection of jewelry!)

    • Oh no, Eva! So sorry to sow doubt and consternation. I have added some explanation to the post and will pass on your comment to the photographer.

  3. Very interesting. On my iPad your jacket clearly looks navy, and your t-neck looks blue and white (space dyed?). So I don’t see black & gray. Is this like that crazy dress a few years ago that some people saw as gold and others as blue?

    I’d love to see, on all posts when your outfits are layered, pics with jacket, vest, etc. off.

    • Hello Susan — I will try to remember to take more pictures! Regarding the color you see, I think the issue may be the settings on your iPad or even the angle at which you are looking at your iPad. Perhaps the colors look different on a desktop monitor?

  4. I feel the words ‘fab outfit’ are redundant on this blog, as they are really a given. So kudos on this occasion to lovely photographer/husband for the wonderful bracelet, which will nicely marry any garments from opposing cool/warm colour camps.

    • You spoil me! The photographer will delight in your validation, too. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment, Ursula.

  5. Thanks for the back-story re: Desh……an intelligent/professional/encouraging role model with a sense of humor AND a sense of style – how lucky for both of you that your paths crossed! Oh, that she might be duplicated as a tailor’s pattern. Love the Kate Spade red bag with this winter outfit – the pop of red makes the outfit for me! Props to your photographer, the bracelet is stunning – the cuff width and colors make it so versatile.

  6. Dear Directrice,
    I just looked at this on my iMac – thanks for that suggestion, but it’s still blue 🙂 Maybe it’s my eyes 🙁

    I was intrigued by the space dye reference to your shirt, and see that you’ve done your own research (knowing, of course, you would!) but I looked it up today, before reading that. Here’s a space-dye tutorial for home knitters who want to dye their own yarn. It’s an involved process for do-it-yourselfers, but is obviously available from manufacturers for clothiers to use. So here’s the link for Desh and Eva and anyone else who’d enjoy seeing the process. Very cool.


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