I Think I Wore A Vest

Soooo . . . vests are everywhere this season. By everywhere, I mean in the fashion magazines and blogs.
You understand what that long, drawn-out “Soooo” really signals? I feel like I am not going to get credit for this vest-craze, when I’ve been wearing vests (layered crop tops, sweater vests, and elaborate vests) for years.* Just like the time that I did not get credit for popularizing white Dr. Martens.

I found this ivory linen vest — I think it’s a vest — on The RealReal this summer and thought it would be just the thing to wear over a blouse in the spring and fall.
Likely vest

That Thing You Do (Wear)
I suppose it could be a top, like a tank top — but it seems a little skimpy and transparent to be worn alone.
A vest it is.
I wore this outfit to a casual networking lunch for lawyers in D.C. last week and three different women came up to me to say, “I like your . . .” and then didn’t seem to know how to finish the sentence, which made us laugh during each introduction. We tried “breastplate,” “thing,” “what you’re wearing” — but ultimately agreed it was, more or less, a vest.

Never forget that wearing an interesting top or an interesting piece of jewelry (interesting, not zany) to a social worky event makes for very easy ice-breaking.
Action shots! Here, your Directrice is rushing her Photographer. Even though he is concentrating on adjusting his settings, he notices the movement because I am prancing toward him on the diagonal, like a crab auditioning for a chorus line.
Not subtle
Not stealthy

Come closer and take a gander at the vest.
Also worthy of your attention is the striped shirt beneath it, which I honestly think was sent to me in error by an overactive cookie. I remember placing it in a shopping cart and then removing it. Several weeks later, it arrived at my house. I was never charged for it.
I felt a little bad about receiving a free shirt and then thought, “If you’re going to surveil me on Internet and then $%&* it up, that’s really on you.”
That’s the way the cookie crumbles, Directorate

Let’s focus.
Note the black topstitching, picking out the construction of this piece. It also marks an “x” over my xiphoid process — very helpful for anyone who might administer CPR to me.
Funny how that term, xiphoid process, has stuck with me since CPR training in junior high school

This graceful striped shirt features a shirt-tail hem that is split just at bottom of the side seams. You can see the split in the previous photo.
An ingenious vent which cannot be seen here

In this photo, you can see the defined pleats that shape the puffed sleeves.
You may also be able to appreciate how nicely the stripes have been oriented on different parts of the shirt.
The orientation of the stripes might have read graphic or unsettling, but instead it is very subtle, very nice

This zipper doesn’t serve a purpose because it stops at the waistband. But is an important graphic element, working with the top-stitching.
The Photographer thinks the whole thing reads very Wonder Woman. In (need I even say this?) a good way.
Zipper could signify nursing vest?

* I could go back to 2015 to prove this, if necessary.
Vest: Colovos from The RealReal; Striped shirt: I cannot say because . . . what if the cookie is still watching me, realizes its error, and files a suit for replevin in chancery! I really love this shirt.

5 thoughts on “I Think I Wore A Vest”

  1. Love the vest. And you are not alone in the not-getting-credit-department. I got no credit—NONE!—for the heavy black glasses craze. I want the record to reflect that I’ve been wearing them for decades. I used to have to buy them from vintage US—I guess they don’t break in combat! Anyway, point is, Directrice, I feel your pain.

  2. Love your vest – and I DO credit you for wearing them and being an influencer through this blog. Also any apron-like garment – that is pure Directrice as well. The blouse is darn cute with its puffy pleated sleeves – just “enough”. Great post.


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