These Old Clothes, First Ed.

I could have sworn I’d started a series of “These Old Clothes” posts, but when I scanned the index in alphabetical order, there were none. It’s such a good idea . . . how did I fail to follow through?

I have published posts showing the concept: old clothes, new ways. I guess I just didn’t launch a formal series. Yet another missed opportunity to lay on the Marketing Department of Directrice Global Industries, Ltd. Everyone loves a series!
Marketing Department; who can get any work done on a bed

You may remember this backless sweater — does it sound less preposterous if I call it an apron-style sweater? — from 2019? Then, I wore it with straight-legged, wool pinstriped pants.
The sneakers were prescient

I know you never think my pants are skinny enough, but these are pretty skinny
Today, I am wearing it with the same blouse underneath, but skinny action slacks instead of more traditional work trousers.
These pants were purchased for hiking in Patagonia, but they’ve turned out to be ideal for WFH. Stretchy and comfortable, but still structured like hard pants. They are still available from Prana and I think I need to order another pair for the unknown future.

To smarten the look, I am wearing my tricked-out Weejuns.
I love the lug sole, and the gold chain and charms are the perfect interpretation (in my opinion) of J.W. Anderson’s exaggerated
Chain Loafer — which has been copied at every price point.
Just the right amount of bling for this moment

G.H. Bass Weejun Charm Loafer; just right
Latest iteration of the J.W. Anderson Chain Loafer; I’m all in favor of a laugh but this . . .

I ordered these loafers in late December and it just occurred to me last week that they’d never arrived. I called G.H. Bass to ask whether they were backordered and when I could expect shipment, and was told that my order had been canceled for lack of inventory. The representative explained that I should have received an email telling me this and apologized when I said I hadn’t. And then I had one of those moments where my inner voice and outer voice started talking over one another, but I could hear both, clear as a bell.

Outer Voice: “Oh no. Cancelled?”
Inner Voice: “Don’t say what you’re about to say. Don’t. Say. It. Don’t. Stop now!
Outer Voice (in a mournful tone): “So they’re never coming?”
Customer Service Representative (in a doleful voice): “They’re never coming.”
I almost burst out laughing. My sorrow was pretty pathetic, but customer service met me more than halfway, and I must say I appreciated it.*
Backless back; I tied the bow m’self

Antics for The Photographer
Perhaps it was customer service training, but I think his response was instinctive.
Linguists, psychologists, help us out! Is this type of mirroring a human instinct? Is it borne out of empathy? The drive for survival? Please explain!
Any residual sadness disappeared completely when I remembered that Urban Outfitters also carried this shoe.

Moving briskly along to more old clothes, surely you remember this old rag? Previously worn with fitted, cropped trousers?
At the time, some of you suggested wearing a black tank (instead of white) underneath to create a solid column of color to, presumably, set this glorious thing off to best advantage? No distractions, eh?
It came, it saw, it conquered

This Old Rag
Such a good idea!

I do wonder, when I wear this shirt around my neighborhood, if my neighbors “get” it. This may be the most transgressive thing I own.+
Do they feel sorry for me? Worry about me?
In general, Directrice, no one is paying any attention

To further refresh this shirt, a necklace!
After years of fearing and avoiding necklaces, I’ve come a
long way. Not only do I wear them regularly, I even wear them with collared shirts — which seems, to me, like an advanced usage.
The Directrice is extending herself

Gather round
This necklace is by Monica Nesseler, who is based in Germany. She sells her work through the Museum of Arts & Design in New York,** but you can also buy through her website, Kettenmacherin, which shows many more material and color combinations.
This particular necklace, called a “Ring Necklace,” is the most affordable and it comes in a rainbow of colors. The rings can be ordered in translucent or opaque material and lustrous or matte finish — these options greatly change the look of any color — which is then paired with two large beads (themselves, beaded in various color combinations) that house the magnetic closure. Visit the site and poke around. I think you’ll love the variety and admire Ms. Nesseler’s inventiveness. Indeed, I think this may be just the break from the news that you need.

If you followed that last link, I’ll assume it’s now two hours later. Welcome back! Now you’ll need to come a little closer to really appreciate this necklace.
Rushing The Photographer
The Photographer stood his ground; #PhotographerSoBrave

This necklace is, technically, brown, but the transparent matte finish yields a color more like khaki or ochre. Some of the other browns read tortoise or even red velvet brown.
I love the motion of the rings; the necklace is always changing shape

I love the big round beads. One is dark blue, the other is black — but the black one reads cobalt (or even turquoise) in these photos because the micro-beads have a dash of bright blue in them.
I bought this necklace specifically to wear with denim and chambray, but I think it will also be Very Effective with white in the summer and black year-round. I can also see it with a grey flannel dress. I have big plans for this necklace.
Destined for greatness

For those of you who think, fairly, that the backless sweater is a sign of our collective cognitive reasoning failure, but nevertheless find yourself intrigued, you may want to try this Ganni sweater on sale now at the Outnet.
It combines so many current trends: peplum, cutout-verging on backlessness, ruffles, shoulder capes. This sweater has everything. Enter the code “Extra25” and it’s 25% off.
Ganni Cutout Ruffled Ribbed Wool-Blend Sweater

For those of you who need a bigger distraction than the Ring Necklace to pull you away from the news for a couple of hours, The Photographer and I saw a thoughtful, interesting, and sweet film earlier this week, I’m Your Man, starring Cousin Matthew (Dan Stevens, from Downtown Abbey).
* Could it be that my Outer Voice heard my Inner Voice saying, “Don’t stop now!” instead of “Don’t! Stop now!” I don’t like to think of them working at cross-purposes.
+ Step aside Sad Rag, Denim Dart Bullet Bra, Saran Wrap Brooch, this is the most transgressive garment in my closet. Always and forever.
** The MAD Store has terrific inventory, but the website isn’t the easiest to navigate. Right now, the Mad About Jewelry tab (at the bottom of MAD Store homepage) is not working. That’s my favorite part of the store. Hopefully it will be restored.

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  1. I’m probably one of the readers that suggested a column of black. And I have to say it was a good suggestion. Thank you for posting today — what a nice surprise in my inbox and a needed diversion from the news.

  2. Column of black was a great suggestion! Maybe I should investigate some of my older clothes, too, instead of the crazy carousel I am on of late. I buy stuff online, have it sent home, try it on, discover it doesn’t fit/looks terrible, and then send it back. Very tedious.

  3. Delightful blog! The garments are fun. The loafers are engaging. The necklace is fascinating. However, as usual it is the commentary and the asides which leave me smiling and laughing. Your marketing department is certainly the most adorable.

  4. I would like to engage the services of your marketing team immediately! They look so lovely and loveable sitting there together so affably. And your Charm Weejuns are also quite lovely, I agree they’ve got just the right amount of bling. Do they jingle a bit when you walk? I look forward to These Old Clothes, 2nd Ed.

  5. Bring back the “Pieced Wonder”! Your clothes never cease to inspire!

    Long live customer service representatives that actually sound human.


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