Get Your White and Black Blouses Now

Way back in 2015, I wrote posts about the virtues of white blouses and black blouses.
I may never have written truer words.

Because white and black blouses are foundational, I am always looking to diversify or refresh my collection. End-of-season sales are an excellent time to look. End-of-year sales may offer the very best prices — particularly for long-sleeved blouses.
Did you remember to look?
I feel bad for not reminding you sooner, but not too bad because, by now, you really should know

I would make the effort to go to a store if I thought I might see a lot of interesting things
I found this charming blouse at Need Supply Company — a brick-and-mortar store in Richmond, Virginia that maintains an on-line shop.
I’ve never been to the store and can’t remember how I stumbled across the website, but I am very impressed by their thoughtful and surprisingly large inventory of on-line offerings.
Could they have this much merchandise in the store? I am assuming that Need Supply Company is a boutique, but you would never guess it from their website. So many well-selected choices!

My only small criticism of this website is that all of their models look so . . . stricken. The happiest of them looks like she just learned that her car’s been booted. Others look like they are processing far worse news. I question that aesthetic choice, but otherwise APPLAUSE.
I bought a few white blouses — this one made of cotton jersey trimmed with a cotton poplin, a short-sleeved blouse with a tiny Peter Pan collar, and a third made of white lace. I was also very taken with a sculptural blouse fabricated with black organza — which is both stiff and sheer. Very effective and it might look so pretty under this top or this dress.
I like models pretending to be happy — or at least bemused

This striking blouse has so much interest — the blouse is doing the work of a jacket, I tell you. There are three horizontal bands of shirring, a similar line running down each sleeve, and a row of small buttons on the front placket which culminates in a rather grand collar. A collar that any Puritan minister would have been proud to wear.
Did someone say Mather?
Proud, but not too proud; pride is a sin

Blouse: Nehera from Need Supply Co.; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Coach; Bracelet: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach
My car’s been booted

3 thoughts on “Get Your White and Black Blouses Now”

  1. As a Richmond resident, I can tell you Need Supply is somewhat in between big and boutique! It is located in a long-established yet still-trendy shopping district called Carytown. You should come visit in person some day!

  2. Your blouse does look historical – but I can’t place the era. And the collar is the only thing that you need to really iron, so that makes it a win! If you were more busty, this shirt would not work. But you’re not and it does, so it’s good.

  3. A stand-alone blouse is a good thing to have in the closet.
    I first heard of Need Supply on Calvinvintage. They’re distinctive.


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