A Business Plan

Do you remember your first business trip? The excitement, the glamour?
I do!
Did you do anything special to mark your hundredth business trip?
No. It was not even noted.

Business travel no longer seems glamorous to me, even when I am going to a location I like to see, or to meet clients or colleagues I love.
Business travel is equal parts hassle and challenge. But to the extent that it’s a challenge, it’s not a fun challenge like setting yourself down to put together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s more like dropping something behind a radiator and then needing to fashion a tool out of a wire hanger and a magnet to get it back.
With that said, I do have a generic plan for business travel.
I have a plan
I have a plan; Yo la tengo

Here it is: Unless you have special evening plans (a fancy gala OR dinner in your hotel room, on your bed while watching The Faster and the Furiouser), you need to pack outfits that can go from day into evening with modest adjustments.
Let’s see how this works, shall we?
The plan
Day-into-Night starts with day
in action
The plan in action

Buttoned up
Buttoned up
Here, we have New Favorite Jacket over two layers: a white blouse (always useful!) and a colorful third piece (in role of waistcoat).

Note: From the side, it’s a little interesting, no? Reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winslow House for some reason. Tantalizing shapes coming out from a flat plane.
A little interesting from the side
A little interesting from the side

Remember: You always have to be ready (i.e., able) to take your jacket off. Temperatures are so unpredictable in unfamiliar meeting places.
A multi-layered plan
A multi-layered plan

We’ll take two seconds to recap this origami style tank by the sadly defunct label Hanii Y.
Today, I’ve belted it with a cherry red, wool belt that actually belongs to a dress that you’ve never seen. Perhaps the red belt is too much? I think it works well enough.
I never get tired of this origami neckline
HaniiY, where are you today?

Boom: Day to Night
Ready to bistro
And now the big reveal: Ready for night!
I didn’t say I was going clubbing. I’m just going to dinner with a co-worker. So, I have removed one layer (and constricting belt) and changed into comfy, action-slacks, but retained the smart jacket so as to look a little smart. Certainly smart enough for bistro style eating.

The sleeves of my blouse peek out from my jacket. I think they provide a nice outline for the jacket (we’ve discussed this before), but one could also tuck them inside easily enough.
Et voilà! We’re done.
Also a little interesting from the side
This, too, also a little interesting from the side

Jacket: RedValentino; Blouse: ASOS; Tank: Hanii Y; Pants: Garnet Hill
P.S. I am writing this on a plane during a business trip. Please forgive the typos.

5 thoughts on “A Business Plan”

  1. Perfect timing! I am going on a business trip and am trying to coordinate some outfits that will do double duty. It will be both hot and cool, so layering works. This post really helps free my mind. Thank you.

  2. This post made me smile. Yes, I do remember my first business trip! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was traveling from Norfolk to Seattle, and because I’d be gone for several weeks, I packed a large suitcase that was so heavy it would barely roll. It was February, and when I unpacked that evening upon arrival, I was touched to find my husband had tucked a secret package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts in my luggage.

    Nowadays, I do whatever I can to AVOID business travel. You’re right, the thrill is gone. And hello, I never get candy in my suitcase anymore, either!

    But, it’s fun to reminisce. Thank you!

  3. Love the jacket. I can see that jacket in so many outfits, all of which work well for travel. Some pieces just are never-fail.

  4. That jacket is also one of my favorites – it’s got a little Dior vibe that I can’t deny. When I travel I tend to pack knits that are substantial since ironing is one of my least favorite things to do in a hotel room. I bring out shiny jewelry for night and don’t even change…

  5. I’m also mostly about knits for travel but bravo to the Directrice for making these smart crisp garments work so nicely (the little collared shirt as well as the jacket) !


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