WWMOD: Never Go Back

I think we’ve all occasionally bought something because we loved the fabric without fully considering the cut of the garment. Or even not liking the cut of the garment. Does this sound familiar?

It’s not necessarily a mistake. You can often fix the cut of a top or dress. The converse — buying something because you love the cut but dislike the fabric — is a mistake, unless, of course, you buy the garment with the intent of pulling it apart to make a pattern for an entirely new garment.

This particular top is an example of two wrongs making a right. I am a little embarrassed to tell the story. Don’t judge me too severely.

Hmmm, this isn’t quite what I imagined it would be

A sound plan yielded this unforeseen, unflattering trapeze top

I saw this top on The RealReal, loved the fabric, and liked the cut. So I bought it. When it arrived, I discovered that it was very short — i.e., would barely cover the waistband of my pants — which seemed like a non-starter to me. But it was so inexpensive that I thought, “Let’s keep this and see if another one appears on The RealReal. If it does, you can buy a second and use it for parts.” By this, my interior voice was suggesting that I take some fabric from Top 2 and add a peplum or ruffle or something to the hem of Top 1 to extend the length.

Within a matter of weeks, I soon became the owner of two inexpensively priced, very short tops. Fatima easily executed my scheme and then I had this. This not very flattering top.

Quick! What’s the first remedy we try when something doesn’t look quite right?

That’s right! A belt.

Everyone remain calm

So much better

Why does this work?

It works because this fabric is incredibly lightweight. It can be easily (and comfortably) gathered with a belt without creating bulk.

I love the serendipity of an unexpected pairing. Until the moment was upon me, I never would have planned to wear this top with this belt. But they are perfect for one another.

And who taught us this? Who is our patron saint of belts? Michelle Obama.

Never Go Back?
Never go back to the days of pre-Michelle Obama professional dress! We like dresses, bare arms, belts and costume jewelry

Come closer to see the fabric that launched this light debacle.

It looks a little like a kente cloth and a little like a high aerial shot of a rug market that I would like to visit.

So many tiny rugs

This belt, unlike the top(s), was not cheap, but it was worth every penny. I wear it at least once a week. I also believe that these industrial webbing belts have passed from the designation of “novelty” into the cannon of classic belt styles, so I expect to wear it for the rest of my life.

It’s a show pony and a workhorse

5 thoughts on “WWMOD: Never Go Back”

  1. D, I love the concept of cannibalizing a second garment for parts! Really like what you made of the blouse & belt.

    In re current female professional dress, I don’t mind the bare arms but don’t like to see armpits hanging out. Especially in combination with a short skirt, I think this look infantilizes women and I have a hard time taking them seriously as professionals. I kind of cringe every time the weather comes on TV these days. Definitely showing my age!

  2. This fabric is amazing. Now I want to have Fatima make me any article of clothing with a pattern resembling “a high aerial shot of a rug market” (perfect description, btw). The cut is adorable. I also really need to get into belts. You and Michelle might have convinced me!


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