As much as I try to resist print dresses, I have a weakness for them.

This ultra-violet floral — with gold and orange accents — caught my eye in an end-of-year sale on The Modist (www.themodist.com).
Not for the first time, I have found myself wearing something and asking what season it was really intended for. This dress was sold as A/W 2018, but is made of such lightweight chiffon that it really isn’t suitable for cold weather wear. I think it is strictly a warm September/October, cool April/May dress. It came with a full-length slip, but I am wearing a second slip under the first for warmth and opacity.
Such pretty fabric!

Step back and see the dress in full.
What’s that?
Is something amiss?

Did you say that you can’t focus on the dress because you are struggling to process the boots?
Fair enough.
We have nothing but time here at Directrice Global Industries Ltd., so take as long as you need.
Pearl clutch now?

Surely you didn’t think I could let this pass
I did warn you several weeks ago that white combat boots have become a thing.
Surely you didn’t think I would step aside and let their moment pass without me?

These boots are half Nancy Sinatra, half Storm Trooper.
The uppers are made of a beautiful stretch leather. I don’t fully understand how Stuart Weitzman makes these beautiful boots, but they are very comfortable and slim-fitting.
Wait a minute, because the get-up gets better

For the in-between weeks of March and April, a lined trench coat is just the thing.
This one is made of canvas and satin, styled a little like a varsity jacket — but with insulated sleeves and a short inner jacket.
Warm as toast

This keeps getting better
The coat’s ultimate genius resides in the black collar, which will never stain.
Not sure about the rest of you, but this is a chronic issue for me with light colored trench coats. The inside and fold of the collars get grimy. I don’t know why. I am not grimy.
And now, another layer of attitude is added to this ensemble with sunglasses.

With the coat and sunglasses, I look like an emissary of a higher civilization who has come to Earth with instructions to declare it a failed planet and “wrap things up.”
A woman on a mission — or, drum majorette breaks bad

Back to the dress!
A row of small buttons closes a close-fitting neckline . . . which partially mitigates transparency of fabric.

A detail to love: Ribbed sport cuffs, which don’t precisely match the fabric of the dress, add a little quirk to the traditional print.
Quirk out

For those who missed my Above the Law podcast interview, it’s never too late.
For D.C. area readers who missed last week’s Thursday post, don’t forget to add your name to my party list. I asked The Photographer to add a note about it at the end of my last post and he described it as a “soiree/literary salon” — but I see something more like “unlimited cocktail hotdogs wrapped in puff pastry.”
Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten; Boots: Stuart Weitzman Elspeth Boot (on super, but FINAL, sale now); Bag: Tory Burch; Trench: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Sunglasses: RetroSuperFuture

16 thoughts on “Go-Go-Go”

  1. When I first saw the picture of the dress paired with the boots, I was not concerned…my immediate reaction was, “YES!!! Those boots are the PERFECT thing to wear with this dress!” Also, I love the colors of the dress.

    If only I lived in DC, I would love to attend the party.

  2. Agreed on the trench coat collar problem. I do not understand how they get grimy. My neck is not grimy, I don’t wear foundation…it makes no sense.

  3. “These boots are half Nancy Sinatra, half Storm Trooper.” Not every blog can boast lines like this. The boots look as fun as the description. And I love the ultraviolet effect of this dress! I feel like you would shimmer like a mirage when you walk (stomp?) down the street. Are those ribbed cuffs part of the dress?

  4. “With the coat and sunglasses, I look like an emissary of a higher civilization who has come to Earth with instructions to declare it a failed planet and ‘wrap things up.'” <— funniest phrase in The Directrice's history

  5. Oh my. I’m scared of prints, so you have me on a precipice here. However, I am strongly attracted by those cuffs on that dress, and the little stegosaurus-type ruffles marching up (down?) the arms of the dress. I keep expecting those boots to have a magnetic attraction to the white building the Photographer chose as a backdrop (great choice), whirl you around and march you up the side. Then again, maybe too much coffee.

    Please add my name to the party list. A soiree/literary salon with pigs in a blanket and such hosts is not to be missed!


    I love the dress (but not the cuffs). Those colors! I love the coat. I love the idea of having a coat that looks like you’re thinking “spring” but keeps you warm.

    But I do not love the boots. I’m sorry. Can I still be a faithful blog reader? I just. . .well, I hate them.

    • I’ve wondered if no one (other than The Photographer) commented on the alien emissary/failed planet/”wrap things up” because it seems like it could be true. Of course you need not love the boots, Violiniste, but there would be no shame in declaring your hatred one day and ordering them for yourself a week later. I feel like I’ve done this many times over the years . . .


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