Another Big Pocket

How well do you know me?
Quick! Answer the following question: What are The Directrice’s favorite things?

If you said (in any order) — aprons, large pockets, assertive footwear, asymmetry, weirdy green — you know me pretty well.
Here I am with three of my favorite things.
Large pocket, asymmetry, assertive footwear

Numerous readers have offered the advice that one cannot have an excess of denim garments: shirts, dressed, jackets, in addition to jeans. I tend to agree.
Everyone needs a denim bustier.
Ponder the utility

Cute with a button down and khakis
Imagine it under a tweed jacket with ivory corduroys

The possibilities boggle the mind. How about with wide-legged navy wool trousers and an off-white crew neck jersey? Might that be smart?
Feast your eyes on that pocket

How about wearing this over a striped long-sleeved tee with my wide-legged caramel colored pants
You know the pants! The ones I’ve worn in a half-dozen posts

These very special oxfords showed up on Nordstrom Rack a couple of months ago and I interpreted it as a sign.
I took this photo m’self

Clearly, it was meant to be.
The Photographer took the camera back

Beside myself over these shoes
I firmly believe in using your beautiful things and not saving things “for best” — because those occasions happen too rarely. But, I may never wear these shoes out of the house because they are too fabulous to put at risk. The world is a hostile place . . . particularly for shoes.

If I don’t take the shoes out, I may have to bring people in to see them. They deserve to be seen. That could be a lot of work.
Fortunately, these shoes will never go out of style; I have lots of time to consider my dilemma

Have a fantastic weekend!
Bustier: Marques/Almeida; Shirt: Talbots; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim

10 thoughts on “Another Big Pocket”

  1. I also would have put “bustier” on the list of the Directrice’s favorite things.
    And, truly, you do find ways to make a bustier almost practical. Do you never have to pull it up and perform the strapless twist?

    Directrice, I just found an old comment from you that said you signed up for my blog. This was in 2016. Thank you! Sorry I missed that, or I would surely have thanked you then. I don’t know if you’re still with me, but I wanted you to know I appreciate every single reader.

    Related, I noticed this week I stopped getting email notifications of your blog posts. Weird. I don’t know if that happened to anyone else. I signed up to receive them again. Maybe now I’ll get duplicates.

    • Hello Hope! I did indeed join your list and I read your posts. Directrice emails periodically get routed to spam, so you may want to check that mailbox and liberate my correspondence.
      Regarding the bustier: I can get it started, but usually ask The Photographer to help. If I had to, I could do it myself . . . but why challenge my shoulders unnecessarily. This bustier — as contrasted with the others I have previously shown — does have a tendency to slip. I am not sure why and I do find that a little regrettable — but the pocket and frayed hem make up for everything.

  2. The zippers make the bustier extraordinaire! I’m curious as to the getting dressed part… are you zipping yourself into this article of clothing from the back or are you zipping, then turning it around, then straightening the layers underneath? The denim is AMAZING and it’s almost like an apron…. almost.

  3. I never considered a bustier in my whole life, but you have opened my eyes to its many uses. Is it comfortable though? Are you constantly hiking it up and pulling down the layers underneath?

    • It is comfortable, but as I mentioned in my response to Hope (above), it does require some adjusting and tugging throughout the day. Not constantly — just periodically.

  4. How’re these shoes different from the Doc Marten’s? I’m always looking at DM’s but I’ve never found any that look as good as yours. You must have bought the only pair of not totally clunky shoes they’ve ever made.

    I will say that it is worth a few moments to look over the shoes at Nordstrom Rack. Now and then the gem will appear. It definitely helps to be open to out of season shoes.

    • The new shoes are 3/4 to 4/5 white, but the back — I don’t know what to call shoe parts — wrapping around the heel and back of the foot is black. The eyelets are surrounded by shiny, silver metal plates. I do love the Dainty Sianos.

  5. Mighty cute outfit! I like the shoes a lot but most of all I like your musing over how to show them off. The bustier is very attractive but I do wonder how well it stays in place.


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