An Inappropriate Blouse For All Seasons

I fell in love with this lace blouse two years ago.

It’s a Marissa Webb staple — offered each season for the last two years in one or two colors, with cotton sashes or leather obi belts.
I did not realize, when I finally bought this cherry red one on sale last winter, that it is unlined and therefore totally see-through.
I showed it previously with a coffee/nude camisole underneath. Today, I am wearing it with a pale pink. I don’t know that pale pink achieves much more than coffee/nude.
Formerly see-through blouse

I don’t look like I am wearing a see-through blouse, do I?
All the same, I think it’s graceful and lively.

To be completely SFW, I am wearing it with a denim jacket.
Some might question whether the denim jacket is SFW. I say it is — on the right day, like Free-Fall Thursday.
More respectable

Respectabled up
This red, with these khaki pants, is reading “fall” to me. It’s the wonderful red of autumn leaves, which should be turning momentarily.
I love all the seasons, but the turn of fall may be my favorite.

Big plans for this weekend! The ransoming of winter clothes (an enormous collection of coats, jackets, and sweaters at the drycleaner) and the turning around of the closets.
For those who love a big, fat bow

You have a fantastic weekend, too! If you missed Monday’s post, please do check out some of my favorite picks from the Smithsonian Craft2Wear show.
Blouse: Marissa Webb; Pants: JCrew; Jacket: Marc Jacobs; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely

5 thoughts on “An Inappropriate Blouse For All Seasons”

  1. Gorgeous color! I’m picturing you perched among the Rock Creek Park fall trees, safely camouflaged against the leaves. (I like the black accents, too.)

  2. This colour reminds me of J.Crew’s “Bright Cerise”, which I find quite versatile. I agree that with the khaki and denim it’s perfect for fall weather. I think the pale pink cami is a good idea, not quite as stark as white, not quite as “is she or isn’t she?” as the nude.


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