A Second Look

The idea of getting a lot of use out of my clothes appeals to my Yankee thrift.

I particularly like clothes that cross seasons — that can be worn year-round with adjustments.
For instance, this dress was a SS2017 sale purchase. I think it was intended for warm weather months. But the weight of the fabric is . . . inconclusive, and so I paired it with a lightweight turtleneck and nude stockings and wore it last winter.
Perhaps some of you are stuck on the phrase Yankee thrift, and thinking you’ve never seen any evidence of such thrift on this blog

Fair enough! My aspirational Yankee thrift
But here it is, as intended: sleeveless.

I’ve switched out the wide black belt with silver hardware for a simpler, skinny patent leather one.
I am also wearing the elegant patent leather wedges that are very uncomfortable after 15 minutes of standing or walking. But I look so tall.
Understated elegance

Come closer, and take a load off your wedges
This dress features exaggerated ruching.

This fabric is very trippy.
I can’t say that I love it, but I find it compelling.
Groovy fabric

Dress: Isabel Marant; Belt: JCrew; Shoes: Cole Haan; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Can you find me in this photo? I am very small (though still wearing the wedges).
There she goes

5 thoughts on “A Second Look”

  1. I’m wearing wedges myself today to work and cursing them since I’ve done more walking than expected… and they are uncomfortable as well. But so so cute. Sigh.

    Love your dress layered, treating it as a jumper. Thrifty is cool!

  2. Such a clever idea with the turtleneck layering. It helps that the fabric textures differ, doesn’t it? I thought of the Directrice’s trick recently when I wore navies and blacks on a work trip, with all different textures — patent leather, medium matte, silk. It worked! They all appeared to match.

  3. The idea for the first look is so nifty. You make looking stylish easy and very unique in that outfit. Always love nude stockings when you wear them with such understated elegance. Of course the dress is great as it was designed but you elevated it. I would put it on rotation frequently. The wider belt rocks.

  4. I like the dress with the same-color layer. I’m not a huge turtleneck fan, it doesn’t do anything for my double-chin, but could see it with a scoop necked silky tee.


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