Blue and White Stripes, Part II

Blue and white stripes are popular for a reason — they’re both both familiar and fresh. Predictable and versatile.

As such, they also invite re-interpretation.
Perhaps that’s why I have four (very different) blue and white striped tops in my closet: one, two, three, and, at right (just flick your eyes over) FOUR.*
Directrice has just teleported self from office to home and appears blurry while re-materializing

Ahhhhh, much better; teleporting is saving me so much time
This looks pretty normal. A round neck, short sleeved top over a white blouse.
O.K. What’s the catch?

Just wait, there’s more.
As I turn into profile, you can see that I appear to have a fin or tail.
There’s always more; also, puppy!

Here is the back
This, too, is the back

I like the surprise of this combination, which makes a seemingly unremarkable, boxy top much more interesting. It will work well in the summer with a pair of khaki capris and fun sneakers.
That belt adds much needed shape at the waist

For those who are wondering and cannot wait a few more lines to know the origin of this top, it is part of my on-going exploration of Japanese avant-garde made possible by The RealReal.**
When I say “made possible,” don’t imagine that this post was sponsored by The RealReal. I simply mean that I could not afford to pay retail for Sacai and Comme des Garcons.
A zipper along the shoulder allow for a close fitting neckline; you know I dig that

Have a fantastic weekend!
Striped top: Sacai from The RealReal; White blouse and jeans: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely; Shoes: Coach
Directice as Spock!

* I did not include The Big Tent in this count. Although it is a blue and white stripe, it is a different blue and a different stripe.
** For those who are wondering when this dalliance with Japanese avant-garde looks will end, be assured that some day the pendulum will swing back. It always does.

6 thoughts on “Blue and White Stripes, Part II”

  1. I love how your outfits have a sense of humor. They don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s like they’re all having a good time laughing at themselves. This is a fabulous top, and I now I really need to check out The RealReal.

  2. I don’t know whether to bless you or curse you for introducing me to The RealReal. It’s amazing, but hypnotic. 🙂

  3. Nice layering. Reminds me of your other top that does up with ties in the back (floral? burgundy colour?) … not really alike, just for the “surprise” when you turn around.


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