The Key Set, Part II: The Dresses

When I started this blog, I felt it was wrong to showcase dresses because . . . there isn’t much to say about wearing a dress, is there? But I came to believe that I should share these with you because dresses are a big part of my wardrobe. They are easy, yet polished and professional.
These are my favorites. I am showing them in order by age, oldest to newest. Note: They were not posted in this order. Also note, to see the entries about them, click on the links in the captions.

My va-voomilicious dress
My va-voomilicious dress (2014)
Shadow dress with silver shoes
Shadow Dress with Silver Shoes (2014)

Marni! (2015)
Marni! (2015)

The Maxi
The Maxi (2017)

Some of you may be saying, “That’s all very nice, Directrice, your white-washed history of dresses, but we all know that you’ve left the most important piece out.”
Not piece, but pieces, my dears. Here it is, the reason that you keep coming back: The Pieced Wonder.
Have you ever seen anything like it, before or since?
Have you ever seen anything like it, before or since?

Tomorrow, back to layering with Part III of the Key Set: The Casual Layers.

7 thoughts on “The Key Set, Part II: The Dresses”

  1. It is my life’s ambition to follow her through D.C.’s streets about 30 feet behind, with my camera and a good telephoto lens, while she wears The Pieced Wonder. I’d capture the reactions of passersby. EVERYBODY ENCOURAGE HER TO DO THIS.

  2. As the reader who coined the term “The Pieced Wonder,” I’m in a special position to encourage the Directrice to parade it about DC for photos. Please do it!

  3. I tried unsuccessfully (sad face) to find the vavoomalicious dress on Yoox after you first showcased it. I actually did find it for sale there but was so uncertain of the sizing I chickened out and didn’t purchase it. Now here it is again and I want it all over again! I like the sandals with it too. I love dresses. They are my favourite thing to wear. All of yours are beautiful! The Pieced Wonder could benefit from a straw basket do you think? To echo the picnic checkered fabric of the bodice? Have you heard of one of our (Australian) brands, Helen Kaminski, for straw bags? That sort would be lovely with many of your outfits!


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