Old Dress, New Necklace

They say that you can transform a simple dress with accessories.

Transform? I’m not so sure about that.
But a change of accessories is fun and seems essential to the dignity of a simple garment like this white shift.
Think of how weirdsad (one word) it would be if I wore the same brooch and sandals every time I wore this dress.
Is this a shift? Perhaps not

The defined waist may make this dress a sheath
You’ve seen this dress before with blue and black accessories and pink and brown accessories. Now cement green!

I found this necklace while we were in Chile. Twenty dollars US, but I think it looks like it could be Marni.
Don’t even ask me what cement green is, but I know it when I see it

How have I kept this dress so clean?
I’ll stop here a minute and wait for you to catch up. I have a feeling that some of you are reeling at the sight of this white dress still spotless after its debut three years ago.
How does she do it?

The answer is: I am a very good person.
Wrong! The answer is OxyClean.
I am a decent person with saintly affectations and a box of OxyClean

I briefly left The Photographer outside, unattended, and he began playing with his shutter speed and perspective.
When I returned, we shot some photos through a large flowering tree on the grounds of our building.
Art shot

Come closer and speculate on what’s inside the fabric
Back to the necklace. This necklace is approximately 52″ long and thus wound around my neck four times. Three times works well, too. It’s a long tube of taffeta filled with beads (for some reason, I imagine they are actually acorns) with a knot between each bead.
I’ve never hidden my weakness for humble and slightly strange jewelry.

Another photo taken while I was gone.
The Photographer bestows his gifts on new, possibly more deserving, subject matter

Finally, my sandals. After receiving your recommendations in previous summers for Fly London sandals, I ordered a pair this year during the Nordstrom sale. I am not sure if they are walking the right side of the line between chic and granny, but I love them.
Check out my sandals head-on
Shoes in awesome profile

Have a great weekend!
Dress: Loup; Sandals: Fly London Yadi Wedge; Bag: Kate Spade

8 thoughts on “Old Dress, New Necklace”

  1. Love the necklace. Love the shoes. And I do not think it would be weird or sad to wear the same accessories with the same dress. If you were correct about that, then my entire look is, by definition, weird AND sad. 🙂

  2. Love the necklace! Very versatile. (I agree — cement green is a distinct color.) Does it have a clasp, or did you manage the quadruple winding through some other magic?

  3. The necklace is so unique and I do mean unique in a good way. The dress could be a forever classic that should always be in rotation even fall with a jacket in some grey/black/white tweed or navy blazer. You have a look of Audrey wearing it and it just sings to me. Lean in and enjoy!

  4. I may have been one of the people who recommended Fly London shoes last summer. I own quite a few. And while most Fly London shoes are on the arty side, I agree that this pair could be viewed as more traditional. But given your flair, they look chic. And they are comfortable — to paraphrase Choco Chanel, what is style without comfort?

  5. I love your shoes, I love the Photographer’s arty blossoming-tree shot, but most of all, I love your saintly expression. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. The tree, by the way, is a Tuscarora crape myrtle. Tory and I paid for it to be planted on the property and I put a bit of my beloved cat Elvis’s ashes under the roots. Every now and then I touch the tree, hoping that I’m touching a few molecules of what he once was. It’s a strange, sweet, and sad feeling, to have turned one’s cat into flowers.


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