The Call of the Wild

I’ve previously written about animal prints, urging you to incorporate them into your wardrobes, but advising you to use them in small quantities. Directrice scholars may have noticed over time that those small quantities have taken up increasing real estate.

Some of you may have predicted that this day would come.

Speaking for myself, I was a little surprised — but I was in over my head before I realized I’d fallen out of the boat.
In my defense, when I saw the dress on-line, it looked more restrained on the model
It also looks more restrained in these photos than it does in person

When in possession of a dress that is a little bit nuts, what does one do?
One looks for ways to tone it down.
By which I mean, cover it up. Reduce its air-time.
Toned down

There! I’m scarcely going to command a second look while high-stepping down Connecticut Avenue.
From the side and back, people will just think I am wearing a printed skirt
Baby Face! A baby just went by — so small, so precious, no more than three weeks old

After your eyes have had a respite, we’ll go back to the dress.
Directrice, post-Rapture; the dress appears to be “saved”

Come closer and take a look at the jacket.
I assume that Levi Strauss was the originator of the orange/gold stitching on denim. It’s such a brilliant combination.
I think the jacket deserves to go to a higher plane, too

Back to the dress!
This is another garment from CF Goldman — a winter 2018-2019 discovery — and features her corset detailing.
Notwithstanding the corset, which is not form-fitting, I felt a little additional definition was needed at the waist, so I added a skinny black belt.
Belt relates to black piping that defines the corset

Too much of a muchness?
I sense that The Photographer thinks that the belt is too much, but I think the dress was past the point of Too Much long before I put on the belt.

I leave each of you to reach your own decision.
You the Jury!

A final detail: an elegant Mandarin collar. This reminds me of the day dresses Grace Kelly’s characters wore in Rear Window and To Catch a Thief. It’s not exactly the same, but similar.
Evocative neckline

In the news last week, in case you missed it, NIH Director Francis Collins said that he would not agree to speak as part of another all-male panel. It’s called leadership. Also, this news led me to an important Tumblr feed — “Congratulations: You Have An All Male Panel” in which David Hasselhoff* gives a thumbs up to all-male panels on a wide-variety of topics. You must check it out.
I am posting this post, a Monday post, early after posting last Thursday’s post late. If you missed the Thursday/Friday post, don’t forget to take a look.
Dress: CF Goldman; Jacket: Marc Jacobs; ; Belt: JCrew; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Shoes: Skechers
* I don’t know why/how David Hasselhoff became the icon of this project — is this fair? — but he is more famous than Larry Summers.

12 thoughts on “The Call of the Wild”

  1. The leopard dress is charming. Is it a just a casual dress? Or will you wear it for work as well? The Francis Collins announcement was excellent news — thanks for sharing the Tumblr feed.

    • The dress is a simple cotton broadcloth fabric — not a dressy chintz or lawn — so I don’t think it can support dressy shoes. As such, I think it is destined for only casual wear. But as you know, I relax my office standards during the summer months, and so I will wear it to work on days when I have no meetings. Dress deserves to be seen!

  2. I recently organized a panel discussion on how to rid the world of nuclear weapons. (It’s going to take a while.) I had two experts lined up–men–and I insisted that our third panelists had to be a woman. She was fantastic, but it took a lot of insisting on my part to create a not-all-male panel. I persisted.

  3. I agree with Amy as well. Nice lines! I’m diggin’ the jean jacket. Just made my first purchase of one and had to remove an embroidered “LOVE” from the back…

    Directrice – you have the best readership! I’m inspired by reading comments as well as looking at your fabulous clothing and commentary.

  4. I, too, LOVE this dress! The mandarin collar, the print, and the colors make me smile just looking at it – and you look fabulous in it.


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