The Song Remains The Same

It’s summer 2019 and The Directrice is up to her old tricks: sundresses, disturbing necklaces, NSFW sandals.

Isn’t it nice to know you can depend on something in these turbulent times?
It is indeed

Directrice, you are a rock
This JCrew dress, made from the most charming Liberty fabric, needed a few minor adjustments.
The dress had a little ruffle around the neckline — which was fine, but I got rid of it. Although I bought my regular size, the bodice felt a little big. Fatima added darts at the bust, but it still felt loose.
What to do? I engaged in the type of self-help that Fatima and my hair-stylist beg me not to engage in . . . and moved the buttons myself to create a diagonal placket from the waist to the neckline. Five buttons, more or less in a straight (but diagonal line), more or less lined up with their respective button holes. I trimmed two inches off the bust and now it fits perfectly.

I actually like the cut of the dress better for my lazy, unskilled alteration. Now the armscyes have a little oomph to them — they curve in like a racer tank. And I like the off-center top button and uneven neckline.

See? I think it’s charming. Charming or not, it’s indisputably mine.
I did it m’self

Is it time to show them the variations?
I love this dress and expect to wear it frequently this summer.
I tried out a couple of other ways to wear it.

Variation No. 1, with sneakers and a fun belt.
Rainbow, platform sneakers! I tried to make these sneakers the Official Summer Shoe of my practice group, but was thwarted by the limited range of available sizes.
Note: The really cute Supergas always seem to sell out.
Casual, but normal

Variation No. 2, with an interesting necklace!
Oh no, Directrice

Oh yes!
I regret nothing

Do you even know what those things are?
Does it really matter?

Of course I know what these are!
Dinosaur eggs decorated with photos of the Chicago Cultural Center’s Tiffany Dome and the Eye of Sauron. What else could they be?
Come closer; don’t be scared

Necklace makes perfect sense; come much closer now
This necklace may look heavy, but it’s as light as a feather. These beads . . . orbs? . . . are made of papier mache.

I found this necklace on eBay, while trying to find out more about Maria Calderara, who also made this necklace.
Can you imagine cutting this necklace out of your life?
All the way closer

Have a fantastic weekend!
Dress: JCrew; Black belt: DSquared2; Yellow belt: Off-White; Sandals: Skechers; Sneakers: Superga; Hideo-marvelous necklace: Maria Calderara

6 thoughts on “The Song Remains The Same”

  1. That necklace is cray-cray.
    But I love the dress, especially with the tape measure belt and sneakers. It’s reminiscent of Sandy in “Grease” before she changes into stilettos and spandex for Danny. I preferred her before.

  2. The dress,sneakers, and sandals are great. The necklace looks like a weapon,but will do nicely as a conversation piece.


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