Casual Saturday: To Market

There were so many things I wanted to do last weekend that I tried to combine all of them in one epic excursion that went like this [in my mind]: Metro to Dupont Circle, walk to Georgetown, lunch at Bistro Francais, Coach, Lucky Brand Jeans, Blue Mercury, Baked & Wired, Everest in 3-D, walk to Dupont, Metro home. So how does one dress for such an outing?

The day was cool but not cold enough for a jacket . . . which I guess means that it was actually warm, but not hot. Weather for light layering. So I wore a mid-weight cotton jersey over a lightweight cotton voile blouse.
Casual but smart
Casual but smart

Current/Elliott Pintuck Blouse
Not my blouse, but very close: Current/Elliott Pintuck Blouse from Shopbop
I bought this cotton voile blouse (above, scarcely visible), a couple of years ago, in two colors: ivory and black. They’ve been incredibly useful — pliable, weightless silk-cotton blend that’s perfect when you want to wear something that covers you completely but is light under a jacket or sweater.
I found something that’s remarkably similar (to the left) for you.

The details:
Zippers on the jersey
For my huge head?
for my huge head?

You know how I feel about the virtues of stripes and showing my stripes.
Forever stripes
Forever stripes

As it turned out, I didn’t have time for the movie or the patience to wait on line at Baked & Wired. But there were successes; along my route, I made two purchases for fall.

This bag: Coach Nomad Hobo
This bag: Coach Nomad Hobo

I am only sharing these purchases because I’d been wanting a green bag and looking for a new pair of black flats and therefore assume you are, too.
Do not fear that this blog will morph into a haul vlog! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google “shopping haul” and then read on. It will make you gape and wonder how we’ve, collectively, come to this place.)
This shoe: Coach Noella Flat
This shoe: Coach Noella Flat; despite appearance here, shoes are smaller than bag


Have a fantastic weekend! I will hopefully be at the movies.

Striped jersey: JCrew; Blouse: Theory; Jeans: JCrew; Tote: Les Toiles du Soleil Tom Multicolore Tote; Shoes: French Sole New York; Watch: Shinola Birdy

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  1. Both the bag and the shoes are so *perfect*. Classic pieces that are still interesting….I see them going very well with your sense of style!

    Now, Everest is a MUST watch. It’s simply brilliant…..I sincerely hope you go back to watch it.


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