Abstract Thinking

First things first! I am desperately overdue for a haircut. It’s been five and a half weeks since my last trim and after day 28 something goes haywire. So you will note that I have attempted to restrain my hair by tucking it behind my ears.

We are in a long stretch of transitional weather. We’re deep into September, but it’s still 80 degrees outside. Therefore I am wearing a mix of clothes: mixed fabrics (cotton top, wool pants), styles (sleeveless top, long pants) and colors (light and dark) that tilt toward the imminent season. In open-toed ballet flats, all but the very tips of my toes (now painted Lady Godiva because Little Brown Dress has been discontinued) covered.
I bought this top because I loved the abstract print, but I actually think it will be versatile as a multi-season piece.
Does the print make you think of Joan Miro?

Jean Dubuffet?
Jean Dubuffet?
I had originally thought I would wear a white blouse under this top, but it is so warm that I realized I could (should) go without.

Actually, it does need something underneath it because it has some . . . gaps in coverage.
I am struggling to provide a description with words. It’s nothing as simple as a cut-out. I’ll show you.
Alexander Calder?
Alexander Calder?

She thinks it's a sculpture?
She thinks it’s a sculpture?
So pretentious
She needs to quiet her mind; sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Interesting, right?
I think this will look good in the winter with a black turtleneck sweater underneath (very fitted) or a long sleeved white blouse. It might also look good under a simple charcoal suit; I’ll have to see if the back will lie flat (relatively flat) under a suit jacket.
But . . . she may be on to something
But . . . she may be right

Suede quashing its natural timidity to demand air-time
With cooler weather on the horizon, the suede in my closet is asserting itself.
I don’t want to crush its spirit.

The strap on this bag is a several inches too long. Rather than take it to the luggage repair man, I’ve discreetly knotted one side of the strap.
Tip: A knot like this shortens the strap by 6-8 inches.
Discreet knot

Have a fantastic weekend!

Top: Derek Lam 10 Crosby from Gilt; Camisole (underneath): JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Marni; Bracelets: John Hardy; Watch: Michele

10 thoughts on “Abstract Thinking”

  1. That abstract print is wonderful, the colors are definitely multi-season depending on what you pair it with, and most especially I appreciate your attention to the versatility in how you use your garments – it’s been very inspiring to me.

    Fwiw, I’ve always thought there are big print people (who look best in large prints) and small print people (who look best in small/tight prints). Maybe I’m wrong about that, but I fancy myself a big print person, something about strong prints just works for me.

    • You raise an interesting question, Blonde. I think the conventional wisdom tells us that small people should wear small prints and larger people can carry off larger prints — but I don’t agree. Unfortunately I don’t have a useful rule to offer in place of the CW. Each print is a highly individualized inquiry; color, contrast and activity are each as important as scale. So glad you are finding the blog useful! I have a new idea for posts this fall: The Directrice Re-Presents . . . in which I will show something previously featured in a fresh and interesting way!

  2. The top is art to wear, to be sure. I absolutely love it on you and it seems such a break for work attire. Like another reader your beautiful hair completes the look. It rocks! Kate

  3. So lovely! I wonder if there are any circumstances under which you would wear this top without extra back coverage? I myself very partial to the look and feel of a slither of back being fevealed, but then I am far less elegant than you. I do look forward to those The Directrice Re-Presents posts.


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