A Jacket Further Revisited

When something feels new, it’s as if it were new and I want to wear it all the time.
It’s wonderful to fall back in love with an old jacket, isn’t it?

Perhaps some of you are thinking, “That’s great for you, Directrice, but we don’t need to witness your prosperous love.”
Oh yes you do! That’s our deal.
We have a bit of a deal, you and I

Allow me to show you my new/old corduroy jacket belted over my hideo-marvelous tunic. You may remember that a little of this tunic goes a long way. It looks best peeking out from other garments.
Take it in from all sides
Note the tunic flares a little bit at the sides

This is because the back is largely open, creating a slight trapeze effect
Perhaps the effect is not captured in still photos; alas!

In an effort to protect my eyes from the sun, my sunglasses keep getting bigger.
These are one step away from the big boxy sun-shields that can be worn over a pair of prescription eyeglasses — which are called “fit-over” or “wear-over” glasses, in case you are looking for them on the Internet.
Next stop, Wear Over

Feel the fear, Photographer
The Photographer thinks these are a little much.
In some moments I think they read “glam.” In others, I think they read “bug.”

Regardless, they’re here now.
Feel it and never forget how it feels

Back to the jacket!
I was going to use these next photos for a third post, but thought it might seem a little thin. Instructive, but withholding. So you will only see two posts featuring my reclaimed jacket.
We must find the right balance between my ability to create content and your capacity to consume it

Remember: this blog is a little hobby
Do you remember the tanks I am wearing underneath my jacket?
You’ve seen them before. Take a moment. I have all the time in the world.
Perhaps you are not die-hard reader — the Directrice scholar — you thought you were. I wore them here and here. 2015!

Here are the tanks in 2019, dressed down for Casual Friday.
It’s not hard to dress them down. I bought these from Shopbop years ago and they are see-through (that’s why I am wearing two, layered) and slightly cropped, sleeveless tanks, intended, I think, to be worn with cutoff shorts. But I loved the menswear patterns — paisley and foulard — used in them and like to dress them up.
Sooooo they are dressed up and then dressed back down, but not all the way down? Yes!

All of these clothes are so old I don’t think the labels matter but . . . Jacket: Theory; Hideo-marvelous Tunic: Clover Canyon; White Blouse: Theory; Tanks; Patterson J. Kincaid; Belt: Emporio Armani; Sunglasses: Illesteva
Next stop, available on Amazon for $7.99
Full product name on Amazon; so much detail!

10 thoughts on “A Jacket Further Revisited”

  1. Dear Directrice – don’t take this the wrong way, but your sunglasses made me miss my lovely grandmother for a moment.
    Nothing but love,

    • I am honored, Sharla. I have decided that the glasses are glamorous, ridiculous, practical, a little tough, and possibly even a little poignant — all at once.

  2. The jeans and sneaks are awesome! Will you please share the brand of the jeans? (The sneaks appear to be retro Pumas…..)

    • Oh, Chris from Indy, you may unknowingly touch off a firestorm of comments over my jeans . . . which a significant portion of readers think are far too loose and shapeless. They are very old (maybe 2008, 2009?) from JCrew and were called “Bootcut” at the time — though I actually think the leg is perfectly straight (where many jeans called “straight” are actually tapered, but just aren’t skinnies). You and I can united against the world over them! The sneakers are indeed Pumas — with a platform — which I bought a couple of years ago.

  3. Ahahahaha! Those sunnies are AWESOME! And you are looking so slender in your belted jacket. When i belt it serves to reming me that my waist eloped without me a long time ago. Hope it’s having fun, where ever it is.

  4. The jacket is working hard and looks good with layering. The sunglasses are very big indeed and are considerably larger than the ones I wear over my prescription glasses. I have to go with bug!

  5. I’ve been a big fan (observer status only) of Clover Canyon’s hideomarvelous prints ever since I first stumbled upon the brand at a Marshall’s a few years ago. I like how you’ve incorporated what I would consider a difficult-to-wear/specialty piece into an everyday outfit.

    • I like the notation of “observer status only.” It makes me realize that there are a number of designers/trends I admire in this way! This tunic is bonkers and if you haven’t seen one of my early posts in which I show it in its entirety, you should check out Auntie Mame Returns. This “print” combines foliage, classic motifs, architectural friezes, solar explosions, and more — all knitted into one, totally coherent statement that is probably revealing the origin of life if only I were wise enough to read it.


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