Return of the OTS Sweater

Perhaps you didn’t think I’d get much use of out of my sleeveless, off-the-shoulder sweater?

But I have!

When treated like a sweater vest, it is extremely versatile.

It returns, as promised, with my blue, pinstriped tuxedo shirt and sneakers for Casual Friday.

More like Cozy Friday: cashmere sweater, soft corduroys, canvas bag and sneakers

Here, I appear to be applauding my acquisition: Clever Directrice!

Always on the lookout for canvas bags that can serve as an informal handbag, a shopping tote, or a carryall for work, I found this bag on my last trip to Santa Fe.

Very cheery, non?

Come a little closer and appreciate its good cheer, delivered through the patchwork banner in bright colors.

So many colors represented here, it will work with everything . . . or nothing

While you are in my personal space — not chiding! I invited you — take a look at the generous roll of this neckline. I think this is extremely feminine, even with a menswear-inpsired shirt underneath.

Close enough to touch

In an effort to make up for several weeks of unreliable posting, I will be posting several times this week, so check back frequently to stay current.

Sweater: Theory; Blouse: JCrew; Pants: Talbots; Shoes: Nike


3 thoughts on “Return of the OTS Sweater”

  1. I would not have expected it, but your neck looks so elegant in the buttoned-up menswear top nestled in the fuzzy wave. Venus on the half shell came to mind for some reason. So cozy.

  2. It looks cozy as Regina said, and the weather out the window would suggest you need it. Spring can’t be far away but we don’t really reliably have it either. You are clever with the styling of garments that would otherwise not be work useful. Looking good!

  3. Well now that you’ve classified this as a vest, lots of other iterations come to mind! T-shirt with a scarf layered in, over a plain dress, layered over another sweater for warmth… lots of ideas!


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