Revisiting Blue Tops With Khakis

For Casual Fridays during the (spring and summer), I like French blue or robin’s egg blue with light-colored khakis.

Remember this top from last spring?
Remember me? So floppsilicious

This top is made of a mid-weight cotton twill, so it has an independent structure and body that I think is very appealing. It’s not form-fitting, but it’s fun. And pert!

For those who don’t care to toggle back to 2018, here is the 360 degree perspective in 2019.
The Photographer labeled these photos “Blue Nun”
Wasn’t that a wine label in the 1970s?

A label that advertised on television?
Unrecognizable side of Blue Nun

Ah, Spring! Nothing like a change in the temperature to convince me that I can wear robin’s egg blue even if that’s not entirely true.
Deluded Directrice: Hope Springs Eternal!

Snip, snip, snip
Directrice scholars will remember that this top was once a dress.
All I had to do was shorten it and liberate the pleats.
When I say “I” — I mean “Fatima.” Although I did liberate the pleats myself.

Come closer and take a look at this ridiculous (but charming!) print. Hearts! Gondolas! Towering wigs!
Who could ask for anything more?

Have a fantastic weekend!
French blue top: Sea; Robin’s egg blue top: MSGM x YOOX; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Doctor Martens; Bag: Barbara Bui

8 thoughts on “Revisiting Blue Tops With Khakis”

  1. Charmante. I recently purchased two items that were just “too much” on me. So they are going back. I feel as if I could wear the Modified dress top. It’s just enough.

  2. The gondola print is so fabulous. Could see this top with the wide-legged black cropped pants from earlier this week, too. Will now spend weekend looking for similar cool prints.

  3. You look perfectly pert in your blue striped top—which begs to be called Big Bertha for her collar of splendid dimensions. You look charming in that shade of blue.

    I love the dress into top, which I had not seen before. The amputated heart print on the top’s peplum both coming & going has a roguish appeal.

    Just this week I brought Fatima a long cotton wrap skirt that has languished unworn in my closet for 8+ years. The fabric’s pattern is beautiful but the skirt is woefully dowdy on me. It will have new life as a dress!

  4. Since there is no way you could get a jacket or coat on over the big blue collared top, do you put a sweater under the collar when you need an outer layer?

    • Surprisingly, the platter top does fit under a jacket — I just have to push/pull the collar down. The fabric is not too heavy.

  5. I just love the dress-turned-top, such a great pattern and will probably get much more use than the dress would have, even it had been a more reasonable length. I have a dress that I bought a few years ago with the intention of turning it into a top, but mine is a fluid jersey print rather than a structured piece. Your post has reminded me that I must dig it out and get it done!


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