Everything Must Go With Black Sandals

I love the expression, “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” I hope it doesn’t describe my approach to legal problems, but I think it does describe one aspect of my pandemic wardrobe.

When you have one pair of black sandals, everything looks like it should be worn with black sandals.
I was too lazy during the summer of 2020 to retrieve all my summer shoes from our storage bin in the basement.
And when summer 2021 rolled around, I couldn’t see much point to exerting myself. I’d proven in 2020 that one could get by with one pair of sandals.
Dress that actually looks good with black sandals

Are you really that lazy?
That lazy and more!

If one were only to have one pair of sandals, I have to say that black sandals with a white wedge sole is a pretty versatile choice.
They certainly look perfect with this crisp, cotton Sacai shirtdress that I bought from The RealReal in 2020.
From the front, this dress appears to be a straightforward, trim shirtdress. But the back is longer and wider than the front, and textured with side-to-side 1″ pleats. To control the volume of this panel — which is probably twice as wide as the front — the waist can be cinched with an adjustable belt.
This dress does add some volume to The Directrice Herself, but I love it regardless. Maybe I love it because.
When I dressed this morning, these pleats were immaculate; you are seeing them at H+9 . . . so approximately 480 minutes of sitting

The built-in belt hits a little below my natural waist, so I added a skinny patent belt to the mix. I am pleased with the effect.
Note: I thought about opening the side seams and adjusting the position of the built-in belt myself — but this dress is so beautifully finished that I could not bear to apply my own hand-sewing skills (Boo Radley!) to the elegant French seams.
Also note how tidy the pleats are at the yoke

A brooch to make writing a brief more fun; even when I can’t see it, I know it’s there
To make the dress and the day — the first Monday in August — a little more special, I added a brooch.

You’ve seen this before, but take another look.
It’s a stack of thin layers of wood, cut like a topographical model.
From a distance, it has the look of an extremely modern cameo.
A faceless cameo

Up close, it looks like a portal — or possibly even a wormhole to another place in the universe! How magical is that?
Very magical, indeed

I’ve been meaning to recommend two blogs for your consideration —
Long-time Directorate Citizen Hope Perlman writes a blog called Unmapped Country. Several weeks ago, she posted this lovely essay on possessions, value, and the nature of impermanence. I enjoy all of her posts, but this one struck me as particularly resonant and valuable.
A friend, Liza Achilles, blogs about writing, reading, and the search for wisdom in books. Liza has such a clear voice, and so much enthusiasm for the written word (particularly fiction), that I enjoy her book previews even knowing that I can’t keep up with all of her recommendations.

9 thoughts on “Everything Must Go With Black Sandals”

  1. Love the void/portal/wormhole brooch against your lovely black dress (holy cow on the shear number of those French pleats in back). Dig the space-time continuum vibe. Also the planetary circle sandals. It’s a mood. And thanks so much for the great blog recommendations. Such a smart, witty, thoughtful group, this. Eager to jump into more great writing.

  2. Ah this, this I do love.
    This brooch is beautiful indeed.
    But you have a gift to find beautiful pieces of art.
    This one I would get in a second if I was in the same country as you.
    And with this special dress, the two go very well together.
    Thank you to offer us an always elegant but still different view of a working woman, fashion wise.
    This is written bearing in mind that english is not my mother tongue so I hope I was not wrong.

  3. I love the dress and the black sandals. I just bought a pair of black sandals with white soles (Ecco brand), but I like yours better – so cute.

  4. Many thanks to The Directrice for recommending my blog post. I am deeply appreciative! Right now I am at the beach. My sartorial goal is a zip-up sweatshirt that is mostly cotton. This is apparently an impossible goal.

  5. Living in San Francisco and being a scooter person, I almost never wear sandals, but every time I see those sandals in one of your posts, I think, “I must mug her and steal her shoes.” (I am guessing they aren’t available anymore, though if I’m wrong, for your own safety tell me where I can find them!) The dress is lovely and the brooch is seriously fantastic. Thanks for the blog recommendations, too!


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