Under the Rainbow

I was in Santa Fe last week for a hearing and had the luxury of a little time to walk around and see the town.
Perhaps I have the typical Easterner’s romantic fascination with the West . . . but Santa Fe has so much beauty to admire. I was pleased by everything — how exquisitely the built environment fit into the desert (the colors and textures of adobe), how beautifully everything was tended (flower boxes, luminaries), how delicious the food was.

Among the pleasing things I saw was a store called Chocolate & Cashmere, where I found this beautiful scarf. Can you imagine anything better? Two of my favorite things, sold side-by-side.
Look. At. This.
Look. At. This.

It boggles the mind
I should be working at Chocolate & Cashmere
They had a beautiful assortment of ponchos, scarfs, and berets in dozens of colors. And this rainbow scarf . . . which combines dozens of colors.
The yarns come from alpacas in Scotland, but all the knitting is done locally in New Mexico. Who wouldn’t want to support that enterprise?

Is this an outdoor scarf or an indoor scarf?
That depends on how much I want to wear it.
I want to wear it very much, so I wound it around my neck three times and wore it all day at the office.
It's an indoor scarf now
It’s an indoor scarf now

I predict that the cost-per-wear of this sweater will go negative at some point
And now, a piece of advice: If you don’t have a striped sweater, you might want to get one. You’ll wear it all the time and it will always look smart and jaunty. Pair a striped sweater with a striped scarf? Then, you’re cooking with gas.
This sweater is black and ivory — a combination I highly recommend, because it looks great with grey trousers, ivory cords, jeans, and khakis.

I bought this sweater years ago from Garnet Hill; they are selling a similar style this year. Other stand-bys for striped sweaters like this: JCrew, L.L. Bean, and Talbots.
This is me looking very cool
This is me looking very cool

Can you see all of the colors in the scarf? Most of the colors? I’ve tried to wind the scarf in concentric rounds to display as many as possible.
Can you see the weirdy green?
Can you see the weirdy green? Just under my chin

The wind picked up
The wind picked up
While we were taking photos, the wind picked up and blew my scarf around.

Here I am, literally catching wind!
Scarf: Rainbow scarf by Go Lightly Cashmere; Sweater: Garnet Hill; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Coach
I am sorry to take you off-guard with another Wednesday post, but I figured no one would read this blog on Thursday. To all of you, please accept my best wishes for Thanksgiving and my thanks for reading and commenting.
I think I look like Jack Nicholson in the last 30 minutes of The Shining, but The Photographer says no
I think I look like Jack Nicholson (The Shining, of course), but The Photographer says no

8 thoughts on “Under the Rainbow”

  1. When I survey my wardrobe, stripes play a starring role. They’re addictive, and rainbow stripes? It doesn’t get any better than that. Just dropping in to say, once again, thanks. Your blog makes me happy, even during unhappy days. Thanks as well for working to get out the vote. Fashion and activism are a great fit. You’re a good egg, Directrice, and a quirky, funny, forward thinking, always jaunty fashion plate. I appreciate it.

  2. What a lovely outfit! The scarf is more than lovely. Santa Fe is one of my favorite places on earth. I will look into the shop next time I’m there, which will be in just a couple of weeks. So glad you enjoyed yourself. Next time, please consider taking the Photographer so he can capture you in Santa Fe’s rapturous light!

  3. What a wonderful scarf! So joyful to see.
    Thanksgiving Day — that most American of holidays. Whatever our varied states of mind on this day, be thankful for the marvelous country which gives us so much room for hopefulness!


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