The Tale of the Smashing Pumpkin Suit

When I was in law school, I interviewed at a number of firms for work as a summer associate. Like my peers, I bought a suit for this purpose.

I found a beautiful wool crepe suit: very classic, with a pencil skirt and a bias-cut, funnel-neck jacket trimmed with elegant, slightly oversized, dark horn buttons. I showed it to a couple of friends, who agreed that it was very stylish. Then one of them said, haltingly, Is it supposed to be orange?

That’s right! The Directrice bought an orange interview suit. Don’t put your head in your hands. The suit was a deep pumpkin color. We dubbed it the Smashing Pumpkin Suit and everything turned out fine.

I’m not crazy about orange, but it’s a flattering color for me and thusly I have a number of orange things in my closet.

The newest is this beautifully draped dress by Jil Sander.

Who would gainsay The Directrice and say this is not beautifully draped?

Directrice360™ shows the draping from every angle. This dress is made of a heavy fabric that folds and holds shapes beautifully. Clever seaming gets the assist.

Draping . . . and stop
Draping . . . and stop

Once more with feeling, Directrice360™
Side seams curve, accommodate on-seam pockets
Side seams curve, accommodate on-seam pockets

back up close
Big finish! I’m like a present!

The dress is made of heavy fabric, but it is sleeveless. I could wear it now (January), except my arms might be cold. Unless . . .
Do you remember this blouse? It’s lightweight cotton and fits easily underneath the dress. The black and white pattern is a nice mix of dark and light and look better than a solid black knit would.
Winterized Directrice

If anyone is curious about the bracelets, I am wearing an assortment of five link and bangle bracelets that mix silver, gold, and pearls.
A satisfying weight about my wrist

For those who are wondering about the interview, I wore the suit and got the summer job. A couple of years later, the firm hired me as an associate and a few years after that they made me a partner. No one cares what I wear.

Dress: Jil Sander from YOOX; Boots: Donna Piu from YOOX; Blouse: Anthropologie; Bracelets: David Yurman

13 thoughts on “The Tale of the Smashing Pumpkin Suit”

  1. I absolutely love this dress (it looks amazing on you, particularly sleeveless – you need to grace a cocktail party or just treat yourself to a fancy dinner date somewhere in it), but I also love that you interviewed, in the staid old field of law, in an orange suit! How delightfully iconoclastic.

  2. Yes please, we MUST be allowed to glimpse the smashing pumpkin suit! Great dress — I am a big fan of orange, although alas I look terrible in it. You somehow manage to pull it off!

    • Thank you for caring! I didn’t wear a necklace because I was wearing the bracelets, but if I weren’t wearing the bracelets, a necklace would be totally appropriate and elegant. It would have to be a necklace with some presence to stand out against the fabric, which is a rich color in a substantial weight. I haven’t been remembering to wear necklaces lately . . . must try to do better!

  3. It looks nice with the collarless blouse. I don’t think I’d like a blouse with a collar under that because the waist has so much texture.

    What kind of a jacket do you put with it?

  4. You look stunning in the dress, and I must agree with your other readers in requesting archival footage of the smashing pumpkin.

  5. All — I am so sorry to disappoint, but the Smashing Pumpkin Suit was purchased and worn 20 years ago, in an era when an outfit was only photographed incidental to a formal, celebratory event (prom, formal dinner dance, wedding). The suit was never photographed, but I like the idea of concluding a job interview by asking the interviewer to take a quick snap of me for my mother.


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