The Directrice Dons a Print

As discussed previously on The Directrice, I love prints but have qualms about buying print dresses.
That doesn’t mean I never buy them.

Why is this woman smiling?
Why is this woman smiling?

Yeah, I broke my own rule; . . . and who could stop me
Yeah, I broke my own rule; . . . and who could stop me
Who could resist this dress? Was it inspired by Josef Frank? Cell division?
The Photographer sees an echo of the Klingon Empire.
I don’t know. But I loved the colors and the bloopy graphics. So bloopy, don’t you agree?

This dress is perfect for a hot summer day. The fabric is an extremely light silk.
Best of all is the easy fit. A lightly elasticized waist provides a modicum of definition.
I deserve comfort
I deserve comfort; I’ve earned it

All hail the Disco Ball
All hail the Disco Ball

My first thought was to pair this dress with a black bag. See my little black bag above.
But here’s another lesson (for me as well as you) in wardrobe utilization. When you buy something new, always take a look around your closet to refresh your imagination.
I peered into the upper reaches of the closet and remembered my gold bag with vachetta shoulder strap.

It's the Disco Ball's world and we're just living in it
It’s the Disco Ball’s world and we’re just living in it
So satisfying. It’s a beautiful match, provides a lot of carrying capacity, and looks lighter than a big black bag would.

Rounding things out, a black bead necklace and strappy black suede sandals.
This is the necklace
This is the necklace

A word about summer footwear.
Some of you may be appalled that I am wearing such strappy sandals to work. Well . . . my office switches to a casual dress code for the summer, which means that if I wanted to, I could wear a polo shirt and capri pants to the office every day until Labor Day.
With that background, do you see that I am actually dressed up?
These are the shoes
These are the sandals

But do understand, I would not wear these shoes to court or for a meeting with opposing counsel.
I am actually dying in the heat here; such a professional
I am actually dying in the heat here; such a professional
One last note: I bought this necklace several years ago and it’s been so versatile. The cable sticks make the necklace light — physically and visually — and onyx goes with so many things. The use of silver (cable sticks) and gold (small beads) adds a different type of versatility. The same necklace was also made with citrine beads and I regret not buying that one, too.

Dress: Hache from YOOX; Shoes: JCrew; Black bag: Furla Metropolis; Gold bag: JCrew; Necklace: David Yurman Precious Beads Onyx
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12 thoughts on “The Directrice Dons a Print”

  1. Allison! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I will never be able to see that dress print as anything but. Let’s hope the Directrice’s colleagues at work don’t see this, for they will never let her forget it. . . . 🙂

  2. I see a halved fruit with a seed… still in that reproductive theme… however it’s very hip and I covet that dress.


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