Everything Up My Sleeves

Here is one last set of photos from the shoulder weeks between winter and summer, also known as “Spring.”

Do you remember my general advice for periods when the calendar and the temperature are not in accord? Your fabrics should suit the weather, but the colors should match the season.*
In these photos, taken 6 weeks ago, I am wearing a lightweight cashmere sweater vest and white denim pants+ in an effort to appease the gods who control spring weather and punish those who do not obey their confusing signals. I am ready for hot-cold days.
Was there really a spring?

The genius in this ensemble, however, is this particular voluminous silk blouse that blends into the spring flowers in my front drive.
The voluminous silk blouse! It’s a great concept, and one that Isabel Marant executes very well. When worn alone or with a sweater vest, it offers lots of visual interest through shape and volume — but it can easily be worn under a jacket or cardigan because the fabric offers no resistance. It crumples right up.
At any given time, there are easily three dozen such blouses for sale on The RealReal.
I am a hot air balloon

I am hidden
The blouse has given me two super-powers: invisibility and flight

Very large sleeves are capacious, but not cargo-worthy due to delicate fabric; not suitable for carrying cats, canned goods, 2L bottles of Diet Coke
The Photographer and I laughed when he pulled these photos up on his computer.
We had not realized, outside, that I was blending into the landscaping.

Because no one on Zoom can see the sleeves, I am wearing a brooch to honor my obligations under the current social contract.
Brooch provides elegance, raises questions, keeps minds sharp

* I think that this is the advice I’ve offered previously.
+ These white denim pants are my new favorites. I think I wore them more days than not during the months of April and May. From JCrew.

11 thoughts on “Everything Up My Sleeves”

  1. Gorgeous. It almost looks like a kimono jacket over a black tee in some photos. Maybe that would work for warmer weather?

  2. I am enthralled AND I have questions, the most pressing one of which is: Do you modify what and how you eat while wearing this blouse? For example, it would seem inadvisable to go to a dim sum or tapas-type lunch with a friend, where sharing food, sauces, and reaching across the table are involved. BUT PERHAPS THIS IS ALL PART OF THE DIRECTRICE’S EXPANSIVE GENIUS! The voluminous sleeves are perfect for the “SHOULDER SEASON OF THE PANDEMIC,” wherein you are ready to gather outdoors but not yet prepared to share a small table and food sauces with a friend outside your bubble. Blouse as Protector. Beautiful and functional. Well done, Directrice, well done.

    • You honor me, Betsy M! Consider this, too: with inflatable inserts, these sleeves could enforce social distancing.

  3. Well, after this post, I had to spend many hours on The Real Real to look for a blouse. Alas, nothing seemed just right. Who knows why? If at first, I did not succeed, I know I will try and try and try and try again until I do. I have to hit the right combination of print, neckline, fabric, sleeve, and price (of course). So many very open necklines that make me uncomfortable….

  4. That’s a great combination. The length of the blouse is perfect under the sweater vest.
    Now that Summer has arrived can the cashmere be switched out for cotton and the layers be switched around? Cotton tank under light patterened blouse worn as a shirt/jacket over favorite pants/shorts/skirt – possibly with half-tuck or overbelted?

    A big-sleeved blouse in proletariat rayon in khaki green w/pink/orange found it’s way into my closet to wear with my regulation shorts and pants.


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