The Ostrich Has Landed*

My favorite part of Fantasia is The Dance of the Hours, when the alligators partner hippos. The segment begins with ostrichs — who, with their slender legs and feathered bodies, really do resemble dancers wearing tutus.

As a former dancer, how could I resist the opportunity to reinterpret that look?
I could not

Why would anyone ask me to?
I wear fleece jackets (with my James Webb Telescope skirt) on the weekend, but until I saw this Marissa Webb vest, I did not think such active-wear would do for the weekday.
But this smart vest, with black wool capris and a sweater, seems perfect for a quiet winter day at the office.
Here, I am wearing it with a black striped sweater that I generally wear around the house in the evenings because it is a very cozy cashmere.

This vest is made of a wool flannel upper and an imitation shearling band around the midsection. I fully admit that it is not slenderizing. Indeed, some would rightly say that this vest packs on bulk just where it should not. But I think it’s weirdly flattering, benignly eccentric, and utterly charming.
Here, I am wearing it with an old stretch merino turtlneck sweater — 1/2 of a twin set intended for wear with this cardigan.
The thing you never realized that you need: a shearling tutu

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?
Feel the plushy faux shearling.
Perhaps this is a little too close

The black collar and zipper add a graphic punch
Wait a minute, Directrice; as you turn into profile you almost look . . .

You look . . .
You look . . . pRegNant

The Photographer named this set of photos “Pregger-Polar.”
It’s a fair cop. Remember, it’s no bad thing to show up for work occasionally looking suddenly and very pregnant. And then showing up the next day looking svelte. You’ll provide mental stimulation for your co-workers. Plus, you’ll cause them to think about how much they would miss you if you were absent on maternity leave.
Don’t you remember my previous teachings on the subject of “looking pregnant”?

Note: The Directrice (the website, not me) was down for part of the day last Thursday, so if you missed my post, don’t forget to read it now.
Vest: Marissa Web; Black sweater: Garnet Hill; Grey sweater: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag
* I crack myself up.

8 thoughts on “The Ostrich Has Landed*”

  1. Pregger-polar! Plus pockets! I think the Photographer has nailed it. I particularly like P-P with the striped sweater.

    Your colleagues are lucky to have such visual stimulus on a daily basis. It just starts the day off right, like a bowl of oatmeal.

  2. Instantly pregnant like the mothers in the “Umbrella Academy.”

    I think pairing this item with a slim bottom is very chic. The bit of ankle showing a nice touch.

  3. “You’ll provide mental stimulation for your co-workers.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love your blog, Directrice!

  4. I love it — definitely not overreach! Cookie’s comment made me smile (as they often do). It’s clear how the Directrice came by her charm and wit!

  5. The vest is super designed – I love the side darts. Again, you have a petite frame and can afford this puffiness. Go for it!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love that thing!!! And now I am super super sad that the designer seems to be one of those many many designers who think that women over size 10 don’t deserve to wear nice clothes :(.


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