Late July is the time when I visit the virtual shopping carts I’ve abandoned across the Internet to see what has been significantly marked down.

Look what I found:

  • too-short, backless dress
  • a paint-splattered bag

How well this has worked out!
Clearly, neither of these would qualify as a staple, a workhorse, or even a must-have of the professional wardrobe.
These fall more into the category of “all mimsy were the borogoves.”

That's all mimsy, all right
That’s all mimsy, all right

Too short backless dress requires compensatory styling
Let’s take a walk around this composition, shall we?

For those of you who think I’ve subverted the essential point of this dress by wearing a blouse under it, please do know that the designer showed this dress layered over a blouse on his website.
I’d like to think he got the idea from one of my 2015 posts, but it may be an instance of zeitgeist, something in the air.
Phillip Lim and I had the zeitgeist together

Sleeveless coat
Sleeveless coat
I am wearing this dress not simply over a blouse, but also over pants. For those of you who still are not comfortable with DoP, you may consider this a long vest with pants. Or as the fashion editors are saying, a sleeveless coat.
Have we talked about the sleeveless coat? Was there ever a more ridiculous suggestion?
I’ll answer that rhetorical question.
No! A sleeveless coat is a vest!

It was very hot when we took these pictures. I look so surly.
I’ve included these photos so that you can see the Directrice has many faces.
Not so beatific
Sleeveless coat . . . are you kidding me
Not beatific at all

Top stitching
Contrast top stitching; you know I dig that
Now, some details.

Splatter bag
Splatter bag has seat belt type strap
And in a rare move, the Directrice wears a heel (technically, a wedge) with pants
And in a rare move, the Directrice wears a heel (technically, a wedge) with pants

If I wanted to normalize this look — which I think is totally suitable for a meeting with a client or opposing counsel, or a deposition — I would carry a solid colored bag in blue or white. Like so.
I mean, I might stand a little more naturally, but you get the idea

Sleeveless Coat: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Pants: JCrew; Blouse: Jack Wills; Shoes: Cole Haan Catalina Wedge; Splatter Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Serious Bag: Ferragamo

7 thoughts on “Worn-to-Order”

  1. STOP. I already love your blog, but now you had to go and quote the Jabberwocky? Only one of my favorite poems from one of my favorite stories — and in a wonderful twist of fate, the mascot for the school my son is starting this fall. You have made my day — and great outfit too!

    Bewware the Jubjub bird and shun the frumious Bandersnatch! (How exactly does that translate to fashion advice, Directrice?)

  2. Eek! Love the DoP combo! It’s my life goal to look this crisp and fresh everyday – the outfit has it all – a touch of whimsy, a white shirt, a layered garment with modesty and structure (with topstitching no less!), navy pinstriped pants, patent wedge shoes. My heart is aflutter. SCORE


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