I Am Saved

Before getting dressed this morning, I put away some laundry that had air-dried overnight — which included my track pants. I briefly held them in front of myself and thought, I could wear these today. But then I thought of you (The Directorate) and pulled myself back from the abyss.

Said I to myself, What’s as easy as track pants?
All black with a statement necklace.
Done and done.
Dressed in three minutes

I knew these plastic pants would be a type of salvation.
I thought black might be too harsh a background for this delicate necklace — with its soft pink and rose hues and its transparent weaves — but I actually think it works. The black is an inky dark sea and the necklace is lit by its own phosphorescence. You can almost see these creatures moving gently with a current.

If not for the plastic pants, would you have worn the track pants?
We’ll never know now

You’ve seen this necklace before, in February 2018 and July 2018. But it can never be seen enough, can it?
And if three posts of me wearing this necklace only whets your appetite, you must go directly to the source and see all of the astonishing works by Mariko Kusumoto. Make haste!
No, it cannot be seen too much or too often

Come closer, Lovely Ones
One of you (Amy!) propelled me in the direction of this necklace way back in 2017, which was sold in the MOMA store.
Now seems like a good time to remind all of you to share the good stuff with The Directorate. We must keep one another informed.

Next week, I’ll show you some of my meanderings on Ruby Lane — a wonderful site for finding vintage costume jewelry. If you’ve been wanting a crystal brooch the size of your face and only have $60 to spend . . . you’ll want to tune in.
Truly enchanting

Speaking of good stuff, looking at old posts reminded me that after decades of buying Neiman Marcus petit fours at Christmas, I discovered in 2019 that the company had switched vendors. The new petit fours were more like a truffle than a true petit four — which is a precious multi-layer cake covered with a light icing. In looking at the customer reviews on Neiman Marcus’s website, I found two comments from other dismayed petit four consumers (an affinity group!) who tracked down the original vendor and were broadcasting the news on Neiman Marcus’s site. The product is now sold through a company called McKenzie Limited. If you are like me, and enjoy looking at mouthwatering delicacies and day-dreaming of a party where “heavy hors d’oeuvres” are the meal, pay a visit to McKenzie. There is a whole page devoted to Smoked Salmon.

15 thoughts on “I Am Saved”

  1. That necklace is astounding. When this whole pandemic nonsense blows over, if you want to have a party serving only petit four and smoked salmon, I will gladly attend!

    • Make no mistake, Missannethrope, there would also be fancy cocktail hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry and it would be a delight to see you again!

  2. I might have donned the track pants if I were you… no one on zoom would know…

    Thank you for being such a stellar example. I need this blog right now.

  3. I love the party idea! I suggest you host a party and charge us to attend as fundraiser! Perhaps for those hit hard by the pandemic — an artist, crafter or emerging designer support fund? And I agree. We must share ideas with one another. Cheers!

      • I was going to fix it for you on the back-end, Amy! Correction of typographical errors is one of the many services that Directrice Global Industries Ltd. provides its clients on an episodic and unpredictable basis. But you got there first.

  4. Amazing necklace! I wonder, if you haven’t already, and you feel comfortable sharing, would you do a post on how you store your jewellery? So much of it is so fabulously sculptural, and I am trying to imagine how to store, protect, and keep track of it all. (And if you have done this already, I’d love the link.) Thanks!

  5. As much as I love all-black-and-leave-it-at-that, it’s also very welcome to see it livened up with such lively colors — and I don’t think the colors are too delicate, rather it seems to bring black into the spring season, a reason to rejoice!


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