The Return of the Second-Best Vest

I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Day — with stuffing, pumpkin pie, and your favorite holiday films! We here at Directrice Global Industries, Ltd. are dining with close friends and calling family outside D.C. We have also planned a movie double-bill that probably will not happen: Funny Face and Finding Dory. Nothing too heavy for the holiday.*

Remember me?
But first, Business!
I need to put together some posts.
A timely re-presentation of this vest which is on sale** at Marissa Webb in this black cotton and a spectacular metallic jacquard
. . which I would like, but cannot justify because: (a) I have this black one and (b) I have a metallic jacquard bustier. Let it never be said that The Directrice is greedy and foolish.

May I posit that a vest like this is an excellent investment? Hear me out: If you add this vest to any top and pair of pants, you are instantly wearing a fantastic outfit. You could combine this with a tee shirt and jeans, a white blouse and grey trousers, a tissue-weight turtleneck and wide-legged pants. The possibilities are endless and almost no-fail. The only possibilities for failure are jarring color combinations. For instance, if you wore the metallic jacquard version with pale pink pants and a red turtleneck, that would be a failure. But short of that, the vest is almost fool-proof.
Sometimes I am greedy and sometimes I am foolish
But not both at the same time

Note: The vest is not fabricated with a cold-weather technical material. You will need a coat. I thought I could sneak outside to take a few quick photos without a coat, but I was mistaken. I am not a professional model.
I’m cold
I’m freezing
I’m dying

Come closer, and re-acquaint yourself with the second-best vest. Perhaps the case for declaring this vest the best vest can be made; it is black and therefore goes with everything.
Maybe there should be two Best Vests?
But there is only one good side, and this is it

No angle is neglected by Marissa Webb; there is something interesting from every view
The lesser side (of my face)

Always have an ace in the hole!
Worth its weight in gold

Vest: Marissa Webb; Pants: JCrew Point Sur Washed Wide-leg Cropped Pant; Turtleneck: JCrew; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag
* Am also listening to WETA’s Classical Countdown . . . which cracks me up. Where will Beethoven’s 9th Symphony land this time? Appalachian Spring came in at No. 22; Aaron Copland has been robbed.
** Start at the Marissa Webb homepage, where the Black Friday sale code (30% off) is provided.

5 thoughts on “The Return of the Second-Best Vest”

  1. Re: cold, freezing, dying etc … I suggest socks first, then coat. Thank you for all the lovely work you and your staff at Directrice Global put into the blog !

  2. I’m hesitant to say “move this vest to first place” since I love your best vest in khaki… and the khaki is a tad longer, non? How about a draw? The ruffle on one shoulder makes it a contender.

    The bag is also wonderful. And I’m truly diggin’ the cut of the pants.


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