My Work Is Not Done


I am back at work!

My time off — three months between jobs — was largely good, but not as relaxing as I thought it would be. This could be because I had 23 years of accumulated work memories (to-do lists, fiascos, etc.) in my head and it took longer than expected for them to pass through my fine-sieve brain. Or it could be because my set-point for activity (and stress) is higher than I thought and I go looking for these things even when they aren’t placed on my desk on a daily basis.

Regardless, come November 1st I had to abandon my vampire hermit ways, get up at 7:15 a.m., and go to the office.

Do you want to know what I wore?

They say you should begin as you intend to go on, but it seemed to me that the more prudent course would be to dress like a normal person and slowly work up to more directional looks. So on Day 1, I dressed very conservatively and wore banker pinstripes. 

THIS is a Directorate Banker

So Very Crucible


By Week 2, it felt right to dress like a late 17th/early 18th century Puritan minister.


A big YOOX sale in October was an opportunity to refresh my white blouses. This poplin blouse with puffed sleeves seemed perfect for lightening a long black dress.

Would Cotton Mather approve?

If I suddenly appeared in the Massachusetts Bay Colony c. 1690, probably not; there’s a lot of vanity crying out for admonition here: puffed sleeves, a crystal button (second from top), electric blue belt 
But if Cotton Mather were to appear in Washington D.C. in 2023, he might think “O.K.” after getting his bearings  


Instead of a grey flannel or black leather belt, I thought a slash of blue would liven things up.

Livening things up and capable of securing a load weighing up to 5400 lbs.


Thank you to all who took the Directrice’s personality quiz in the previous post. Your choices were well-reasoned.  “C” was probably the best dress for the occasion and day. But those who voted “D” were correct. I did it. I wore the Pieced Wonder.

I had two reasons.

First (and foremost), I wore this dress so that The Photographer wouldn’t be able to keep saying, “Why did you buy that dress if you’re never going to wear it?”

Second, I did it for you. Take that as you will.

Here I am settling scores, exhuming old grievances . . . no, no, no; just offering appreciation for my dear colleagues

Remember: It was a warm day. The Pieced Wonder is technically a summer dress and years ago I styled it for this blog with sandals. But really? The Pieced Wonder is beyond time and space. It may not even have originated on this planet. For an October gathering, I decided Chuck Taylors were the best choice. In retrospect, I realize that I should have worn my dainty Doc Martens; they’re dressier.

The members of my practice group organized an unexpected tribute: each (women and men) wore a “brooch” fashioned from office supplies and found objects from their desks.  I was delighted and touched.

This one included a special message


Congratulations to DebfromVancouver, SusanM, Molly, Amy, Marie Drennan! There will be prizes, but I am not sure yet what they will be.

Blouse: Kocca from YOOX; Belt: Off-White

Possible prize: tote bag featuring our former Digital Intern, Cotton Mather

10 thoughts on “My Work Is Not Done”

  1. I am so pleased that you wore the Pieced Wonder and with Chuck Taylors in cream….what could be better?
    When I retired from my last senior position, my most frequent thought was how will I plan my new career of consulting so that I can wear all my shoes?? That was before Zoom…thank heavens.

  2. The Pieced Wonder is a running gag in our household. Whenever Tory says, “I have to assemble a costume for tomorrow,” I always beg for The Pieced Wonder. Which she never wears. So I was delighted that she wore it for her going-away party. I bet Tory wouldn’t cop to this, but I think it was worn to convey a subtly encoded, and individually tailored, message to each and every person there. There’s a whole lotta semiotics going on in that outfit in that setting. I may not know fashion, but I know overdetermination when I see it. That’s my take as The Photographer. All hail The Pieced Wonder!

  3. How sweet of your colleagues to create such a fitting tribute of brooches to you. The outfit for day 1 of the new job was a wonderful choice to ease the new workplace into your sartorial creativity.

  4. What a great reason to have been wrong about the party dress choice! And love the sweet brooches. Hope the new gig is going as well as the new-gig fashion.

  5. That brooch is fabulous! (Would love to see the others too.) Such interesting use of color and texture. Perfect against a light-colored blouse. I might just quibble with the placement. A little off center might be better?


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