The Directrice Has Another Idea

While noodling around the Nordstrom Annual Sale* — which seems to have taken on the prominence of the World Series and the gravitas of the Nobel Prize announcements — I came across this.

Setting aside the cost inhibition attached to this get-up,+ I understand — intellectually, if not emotionally — that I probably do not have a place to wear a Dominatrix Picnic Blanket mash-up and therefore this ensemble simply isn’t for me. But I can’t help admiring this tremendous look.
I do think I could wear the dress (if the cost inhibition did not exist) which ingeniously achieves the look of a kaleidoscope by stitching together pieces of a straightforward, two-color plaid. So charming.

This bold pairing of a bustier-over-belted-dress (there are two belts there) did give me an idea of how to use my CF Goldman tube top.
Feast your eyes on these impromptu iPhone movies starring The Photographer, Posy, Philo, and The Directrice.

Posy interferes, The Photographer intervenes:

Dress and tube top with kick-@$$ belt:

Dress with self-belt and tubetop; Philo observes:

I’ll take proper pictures soon, when the temperature in D.C. drops back under 90 degrees.
* I bought nothing from the Nordstrom Annual Sale. Such restraint! Such virtue!
+ The bustier is $592. The dress isn’t even for sale yet. For those who are interested in directional looks, Nordstrom has a section called Space: Emerging and Advanced Designers.

10 thoughts on “The Directrice Has Another Idea”

  1. Such restraint! As much as I love the idea of the Directrice wearing a picnic blanket to work, I think this version is just as effective. Darling. And yet another yes to the kick-@$$ belt. Good idea to not subject the Photographer’s equipment (or accompanying humans) to the DC outdoor oven.

  2. D.C. statehood NOW! Thank you.

    Just so you all know, DC residents have no senators or congresspeople to vote for (or against.) No one to write to support or oppose legislation. No representatives to look out for our interests. Yet we pay taxes like everyone else. That’s why we have the only license plate in the US that has a complaint on it: “Taxation Without Representation.”

    And DC has a larger population — 672,000 — than Wyoming and Vermont.

    (Posting this because I was wearing a STATEHOOD shirt in one of the videos.)

  3. That dress is fabulous. But noodling around the Nordstrom SPACE site has just revived my infuriation (is that a word? if it’s not, it should be) with the fashion industry. If you select for size XL(16), what does Nordstrom SPACE have to offer? 7 oversized t-shirts, 2 oversized bowling shirts, 1 oversized polo shirt, 6 oversized sweatshirts, 1 oversized cardigan, and 4 pairs of tube socks (presumably also oversized?). All of which is less interesting looking than the activewear available at my local Target. Grrrrr…..

  4. Thank you for alerting us to Nordstrom’s SPACE department. Never knew they had anything like this, but now I’ll keep checking their sale section.

    And that dress idea is a delight.

  5. I love how you were inspired by this and translated it to something you have already. I’ve generally gotten excited by the NAS and purchased lots of things for fall, but I haven’t been as interested in recent years.

  6. You are so adorable! I loved the look in the second video with the more substantial belt. I will be keeping my eye out for you in that kaleidoscope dress! I have never seen plaid manipulated in that way. I would love to see it in person. 🙂

  7. Saw an editorial spread in Vogue this month with a black bustier and black belt over a dress. The Directice-cutting edge!!!

  8. I like yours much better! They’re all good. I like the self-belt best because of the bow.

    The Nordstrom sale and our summer vacation are always in synch, so that’s an event I’ve never shopped.


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