Casual Friday: The Foulard Returns!

  You’ve said that you want to see how I re-use and re-wear my clothes. I hope you meant it, because I can’t show you new clothes every week. I don’t even want to show you new clothes every week because I like the clothes I have now. So, let’s visit the crypt today and … Read more

The Only Way Out Is Through

  Despite holding myself out as a pseudo-expert on dressing for work, wardrobe-building, and general efficiency, I have some orphans in my closet.   One such orphan is a purple tweed jacket that I bought several years ago from JCrew. I love the color and pattern — an over-sized, diamond herringbone — but . . … Read more

Blouse Under Dress

  I saw (or think I saw) many more dresses with sleeves in AW2016, and therefore conclude that a trend is building. Women want dresses with sleeves and the market may be responding. Back to business!   The search for a red blouse went like this. I visited a few sites where I do my … Read more

The Wearing of the Plaid

  Typically, I start these posts with a completed outfit and then break it down. Today, just for variety, we are going to build an outfit up. And now . . . Step 2: A cozy, shrunken cardigan. Just the thing to wear over the blouse. The blouse is constrained, but hardly a hostage. If … Read more

All Business

  Before we begin, a micro-plea . . .   Dear Directrice Readers: One of my 2017 resolutions is to increase the readership of this blog. Could you help me…today? Are you worried that I am about to ask for money? Be not afraid. If you’ve enjoyed this blog over the past two years, would … Read more

A Daydream: It’s Totally Faux

  I started this blog with the idea of showing clothes that are grounded in reality. So many high-style fashion blogs seem to represent lifestyle fantasies (or perhaps just a clean break with reality) rather than actual clothes and outfits that a professional could wear to work or to socialize. The best example of this … Read more

Just Getting Started

  Happy New Year!   Perhaps you will look at these photos and conclude that I have resolved in 2017 to dress more bizarrely.   Non, non. But I am trying to keep things interesting for all of us.   * I did not pay full price! I bought it from YOOX in December.   … Read more