Let’s Move!

Every summer, JCrew has one or two white blouses that are just the thing for the season.

This year’s winning model is tunic styled, with wide flanged sleeves, a split hem, and a sash.
What do you think I did when I saw this winsome top?
Sir! You’re a winner, Sir*

A quiz?
Now the rubber hits the road and we will find out who is a scholar of what

How well do you know The Directrice?
1. The Directrice bought the blouse immediately upon seeing it.
2. The Directrice bought two of the blouse, one to wear now and one for next summer — in case this one becomes stained.
3. The Directrice bought two of the blouse: one for herself and one for her mother.
4. The Directrice saw the blouse in the store, but ordered it on-line so as to get petite sizing.
5. The Directrice ordered the blouse on-line, in numerous sizes, for herself, for her future self, and for her mother.
The mind boggles

Also a suffragette and free-thinker
Answer: The Directrice is crazy! Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 are correct. But I did return all the excess.
Going back to the particulars of the blouse, did you notice that the hem is slightly longer and boxy in the back, but curved like a shirt-tail in front? Very charming.
When I wear this blouse with my wide-legged trousers (which my mother has softened towards), I look like the calisthenics instructor at a progressive Edwardian boarding school.

The bow is trying to maintain its integrity in the heat and humidity.
It’s doing fairly well.
Valiant, floppsilicious bow

Finishing things off, my clear sunglasses. I bought these several years ago and they were such a smart choice: always chic, endlessly versatile, and very lightweight.
Full-service sunglasses

A true flanged sleeve
I looked up the phrase “flanged sleeve” to make sure that I was using the right terminology.  
This is what popped up. Perhaps I’ve made up “flanged sleeve” — but I was sort of right.
Blouse: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Sandals: Skechers; Bag: Orla Kiely; Sunglasses: Illesteva Leonard

* Several years ago, a friend of mine ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. He was astonished to find that each runner who completes the run is greeted by a Marine in uniform at the finish line who salutes and says, “Sir! You’re a winner, Sir!”

3 thoughts on “Let’s Move!”

  1. You look prepared for the heat!

    I think of blouses like that as stand-alone tops. They don’t need anything else, which is good when it’s warm.

  2. Do even the ladies get greeted with the “Sir” designation? That might be startling to someone who’s just run 26.2 miles.

  3. I was thinking that the answer to your quiz was “well, all of the above… naturally.”
    When you find perfection, you have to jump on it, or live with regret.


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