Two Colors, One Denim . . . Allegedly

Do you remember one of the first principles of The Directorate? That if you find something that fits perfectly and suits you perfectly and it comes in two colors, you should buy both?

It has happened for me, unexpectedly, with denim.
I love my cropped white denim pants so much that I bought a second pair in off-black.
Here I am, following my own advice

Be forewarned that a color change sometimes means a fabric change, so I did check the fabric content to ensure the same mix of cotton to stretch fibers before purchasing these. This off-black pair also has a raw-edge finish, and a step-hem — meaning, the back is longer than the front. So fresh.
You followed your own advice?
I did

In an attempt to keep the dark denim summery, I paired the pants with a white top. It could be that despite my best efforts, I just look like someone’s steampunk aunt who’s unexpectedly emerged from her darkened manse for a family fish fry.
It’s the combination of the high collar on the top and the necklace.
It is a little interesting and surprising to me how often I drift into steampunk. I was not the least bit gothic as a teen.
Auntie Goth likes fried fish as much as anyone does

I found this asymmetrical, pleated Marni top in crisp cotton poplin on The RealReal last summer. White tops are constantly moving through my wardrobe because there is little I like better than a white shirt, but it is so hard to keep them sparkling white.
You may remember this is my good side
This is my weird side; it also appears to be my bigger, possibly pregnant side — but that’s just a trick of the camera

This top was too big when I bought it. Looking at all the elaborate pleating and asymmetrical design, you might think: How could you take that in?
Answer: With a design this complicated, I figure you can take it in wherever you like. Who would be able to tell what seams were original and which were added?
Fatima created two seams (ending in soft pleats) down the back.
Soft pleats could be crisp pleats . . . if I were to iron them

It’s almost a ruff
This high, asymmetrical neck is neo-Victorian, but I think it almost reads Elizabethan. There’s something very dramatic about it.

Please note the dramatic termination of the collar. It just stops.
It stops without apology or explanation

Some of you may have noticed that since the start of the pandemic, I have rarely been photographed carrying a bag.
That’s because I have scarcely gone anywhere for 17 months and have been using the same black and white Orla Kiely cross-body all that time.
I bought this tiny beauty — beautifully pieced from vintage velvets — for my birthday last year (2020), but it hasn’t gone anywhere.
Soon this bag will go somewhere. I am sure of it!
Deserves to be seen

Come closer and admire the craftsmanship.
Yes, I want to stuff this bag in my mouth

One of the advantages to taking photos in my front drive is that I get to greet the neighbors’ dogs as they embark on, or return from, their walks.
This is Charlotte, who in a very short amount of time has gone from barking madly when she sees me to flopping onto her back for a belly rub.
Charlotte’s ears are like velvet

And now, bonus material to make up for not posting last week.
Bonus! Mixing stripes with assurance
Yes, it’s an old top you’ve seen several times before. And yes, those are my new (getting old) white denim cropped jeans.
Here’s the idea for you to try at home: A striped top and striped sandals!
Note: This would work with striped espadrilles, too.

I over-exerted myself playing Beat Saber this weekend and strained a muscle in my lower back. The Photographer caught me “on film” stretching. I like this photo, however, because it shows the full circumference of this giant platter collar.
The Photographer was testing his settings, so the color is off

Flattering platter?
At the time that I bought this top (2018), I liked it but I never thought it would become a standby. But it has. It’s the perfect thing to wear with jeans or khakis when you wish you could just wear a tee shirt, but need to do better.

One last special bonus.
Somehow I missed this excellent meme while the Evergreen was blocking the Suez Canal.

Off-black denim ON SALE: JCrew 9″Demi Boot Crop Jean ; White denim ON FINAL SALE (deeply discounted, but irreversible): JCrew 10″ Demi Boot Crop Jean*; Bag: Marian Paquette Alexandra Handbag (I got mine during a sale)
* Technically, these are not identical jeans. One has a 10″ rise (9.5″ in Petite) and the other has a 9″ inch rise. The fit is the same.
Test photo: I feel a disturbance in the Force

6 thoughts on “Two Colors, One Denim . . . Allegedly”

  1. Ooh, that velvet bag—nom nom nom. Adds a little boho to the streampunk, too. The “platter” photo is great, you look like a species of flower! Also love the striped sandals, very cheerful. Blue and white carry the day again.

  2. The stripped top is lovely — I like how both the neckline and waist are asymmetrical in different directions. I like the Marni top in concept but I’d be asking for an explanation from that collar!

  3. Charlotte looks like our doodle Ellie… a golden-doodle. Her ears are the softest ever…. like a minky blanket.

    Cute summer outfits for casual office… I take it you’re still working from home. Love the velvet bag and those were smart pleats in the white top.

  4. For the uninitiated, “Beat Saber” is a virtual-reality game that we play with our Oculus Quest 2. Virtual reality is AWESOME. Once you’ve played it, you can’t go back to flatscreen games ever again. In Beat Saber, you whack away at colored blocks with Star Wars-style lightsabers to a driving rock beat. Tory loves it…but I prefer Half-Life: Alyx, which is an incredible game that redefined what VR could do. It’s really what got me through the pandemic winter.

    Maybe someday, to amuse and edify you all, we’ll post a video of Tory playing Beat Saber.


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