In Which The Directrice Plays Against Type

I think I have a look — structured, fitted, figure-skimming but not tight silhouettes punctuated by periodic asymmetric and occasionally bizarre details. Does that seem right? Fair?
Regardless, it’s important to not get stuck in a rut — even if it is a warm, cozy rut.*

Today, The Directrice pushes her own envelope. By herself.
Something different!
Something different! Undertaken voluntarily!

What, exactly, is it? Well . . . if I had to explain using a historical vernacular that will be understood by most of you, I would say that I am wearing a prairie skirt dress. Do you remember the pRAiRiE skirt (c. 1983)?
Allow me to demonstrate using action and the continuous shooting function.
Full sail
Eleven frames per second: GO!
something clever
I flit
more cliver
I float

I fleetly flee
I fly

Something new!
Something new!
I am not sure exactly why this dress caught my fancy, but I tried it on when it arrived and then hopped on to the bed with my laptop, Kindle, and iPhone for an evening’s workrest** and was so comfortable that I might have worn it to sleep.
There is something to be said for a dress — one dress — that you can sleep in, isn’t there?

Many pretty details on this dress: pintucked pleating and tiny ruffles with a drawstring waist.
3/4 shot
The waist is pretty loose, even with the drawstring cinched; I can live with that

Even my mother might be bored by a second set of frame-by-frame photos, so I have edited these turn shots way down.
turning 1
turning 2
More turning

The skirt is very light — featherweight light. Ultimately, this is the appeal:
a summer dress that is covered up, but almost weightless. I don’t think,
however, it is ideal for extended outdoor wear because this color and fabric will show perspiration.
turning 3
Turning, but not sweating
turning 4
Cool as a cucumber, for the time being

Come a little closer for the details.
You must approach, I am too dizzy to come to you

I like this color, too. It’s not summery, so I may be able to wear this nicely into September.
more closwer
I won’t fall on you

Would I want a whole closet of dresses like this muumuu? No. But one is very appealing.
The Directrice considers the optimal number of muumuus to be ONE and then remembers that she has purchased another, which she will show to you in a few weeks

spreach out
It’s a dress and a picnic blanket
The Photographer asked whether the skirt of my dress could cover the bench.

Now the rest of the ensemble. Gladiator platform sandals add a little toughness.
I said a little tough

And my artfully frayed denim jacket. So useful this summer! It got to go on vacation with us.
full length w/ denim
The weather in Maine agrees with Denim Jacket; Jacket now believes it is a Mainer

3/4 with denim
High collar of dress peeks out from frayed collar fetchingly
Gunne Sax reborn! Must see whether there are any old prom dresses on eBay . . .

Dress: Ulla Johnson from Barney’s; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner; Jacket: Marques/Almeida; Bag: Kate Spade
* Years ago, my best friend said this toward the end of a vacation: “I’m looking forward to going home and getting back into my rut.”
** Workrest is how I spend many evenings: doing a little work, surrounded by electronic devices, but wearing soft clothes on top of the bed, cozily propped up.

14 thoughts on “In Which The Directrice Plays Against Type”

  1. That is a fantastic color on you.

    On the footnotes (generally my favorite part of the post, amusement-wise, but today’s Sound of Music captions made it difficult to choose):
    Your best friend sounds delightful!

    My work vocabulary also includes “cocktail work,” that vacation specialty when one returns from the day’s activities, logs in and monitors emails, etc. over a glass of a little something, ideally on a balcony. Just me?

    • Cocktail Work — I like it, Cat! Necessary in the modern age, but it certainly beats non-cocktail work. My best friend is a total delight — the kind of person you would enjoy doing cocktail work with.

      • That’s entirely up to your discretion! I couldn’t tell if it was super gauzy fabric or not. I didn’t see your leg outline when the skirt was spread out, so you’re probably “safe”

  2. I agree that it is a change, but it’s lovely on you! I would never have considered mustard, but it looks good on you.

  3. Sweet. I had a Gunne Sax skirt in the mid seventies, which I wore with Candie’s high-heeled mules, if I remember correctly. Ahh, high school memories …

    • I can see it in my mind! I had a pair of Candie’s. My mother thought they were dreadful. She was probably right . . .

  4. Oh what fun! A dress that moves around and dances with the wearer. So much more interesting than the sausage casings the weather girls appear in constantly. The color does become you and even the ancient Romans would be intrigued by the sandals which work well with the dress as does the bag.

  5. I love the dress, I love the captions, but most of all I love the words “punctuated by . . . occasionally bizarre details.”

  6. It just looks so pretty on you and with those shoes, that purse. The color is perfect and you totally own the look. You have such a great eye.

  7. I like the dress. The first association I have with it is Beyoncé and her baseball bat.

    That is a compliment. I adore Beyoncé.


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