The Need for Sleeves

  I read on Already Pretty that sleeveless dresses became the norm a few years ago in part because designers find them easier to design. (Apparently, designers think it’s hard to design an attractive sleeve that is not overly constricting.) Be that as it may, working women need at least a few dresses with sleeves, … Read more

Party Dress

  Do you ever go to a party that warrants dressing up, but not too much? By that I mean festive and bright and not informal — but short of shine, sparkle and/or décolletage? Like a work party?     However, a little testing revealed a major design flaw.   A Confidence: I had originally … Read more

Black Friday

  Although I am writing this post a few days in advance of Thanksgiving, I feel pretty confident saying that I am stuffed today. I love Thanksgiving dinner.   Unless you are living in a bomb-shelter (surrounded by the black flats and penny loafers that you’ve stockpiled), you are aware that everything is on sale … Read more

The Directrice Needs YOU!

  I just bought this top from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, however, the top has precipitated a rare crisis of imagination. I had thought I would wear it over a crisp white blouse with cropped grey trousers, but when I tried it — non, non. It looked very awful. I tried five different white blouses under it … Read more

Directrice Everdeen

  I will admit a guilty pleasure: I have really enjoyed the Hunger Games movies (the first two). I found them wildly entertaining, as well as well-acted and well-produced. I would not, however, list them among Good Movies for Clothes (see this post) — except that I was struck by a misshapen sweater vest that … Read more

Casual Friday: That Last Little Thing

  Casual Friday: Nearly as dependable as the sun rising in the mornings and setting in the evenings! Here I am again at week’s end, with no appointments. If you are interested in this jacket-and-blouse combination in a different color combination, check out this earlier post: Casual Friday: Professorial Tweed. Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Talbots; Scarf … Read more